Raising New Leaders

Oct 8, 4PM

We champion the course of humanitarian advancement; raising a new generation of intellectual leaders that would turn around Nigeria into the most powerful and attractive human society on planet earth. We build and develop a new generation of technocratic leaders with dynamic qualities that would skyrocket Nigeria into the plane of universal dominate to ‘Rule The World’ holistically.

We use ‘Mental Revolution’ via ‘Psychological Teachings’ to recast or impact the mind of Nigerian citizens with patriotic mentality to become true nationalists that are overwhelmed with the passion to birth a new Nigeria.

We are raising a new generation of leaders that would build the type of nation we deserve to live in as one people. The class of nation that will become the greatest human settlement on earth where we shall be our true brothers’ keepers irrespective of the section of the country we hailed.

Our organization is vehement in training and enthroning Nigerian leaders that will gain self-confidence and intelligence necessary to develop the resilience to thrive without fear of unknown and to trust wholly in God to fulfill our creation assignment as a nation, both at individual level and at collective level as a nation to rule the world without prejudice.

We are fully committed to raising a new technocratic generation of leaders who would be vehement in turning around Nigeria into the most appealing leadership nation on planet earth. A generation that will turn around Nigeria into the most pleasing nation and a place where all people round the world would passionately yearn to live in the rest of life time. The aim of this leadership revolutionary movement is to put lasting [permanent] end to political corruption in Nigeria from the grass root to the top.

As organization, we are determined to train and enthrone new generation of technocratic leaders who would be filled with the fear of God, who would become scientific inclined, who would be humane by nature and who would be filled with the resounding patriotic conscience/passion necessary to grow our fatherland from all sides.

Our organization travels from hamlet to hamlet, village to village, town to town and state to state across the country to empower Nigerian masses with qualitative leadership mentality [qualities] to effect the deserve leadership reforms in Nigeria and we likewise distributes intellectual materials to them to enhance further studies.

Equally, we conduct leadership consultancy, training and counseling for individuals, corporate organizations and societies for humanitarian enhancement or development; we are opened to public invitations.


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