Ethnic Crisis Must Die

Oct 8, 4PM

Our organization is at the vanguard of championing the course of aggressive psychological teachings on ethnic crisis across all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, with the sole aim of terminating all elements that constitute the remote causes of irrational hatred and bitterness on the mind of our citizens against fellow Nigerian who hailed from other sections of the country.

Our main target of warfare is to banish every trace responsible for the un-relented urge on our minds to commit genocide and homicide against fellow Nigerians from other sections of the country. The essence of this ethnic revolutionary movement is to promote national harmony and unity [patriotism] among all Nigerians both within the shores of our noble fatherland or in Diasporas.


The entire activities surrounding this ethnical revolutionary movement is channeled toward promoting divine love among all tiers [sections] and citizens that constitute our noble fatherland. Our organization is tough in providing cogent electrifying steps to ignite the pride of our national unity on the mind of all Nigerians. The whole idea is to knit our minds together in the spirit of oneness as one people to the ‘bedrock of infallible patriotism and nationality’.

Our organization is poised to uproot every iota of wrong ethnic foundation laid by the founding fathers of our Nigeria; and, to expose their respective dirty intentions against the growth of our homeland to resound healing. Hitherto, we are solidly committed to constructing a new trend of harmonious ethnic relationship among all ethnic groups that constitute Nigeria and to kick-off ethnic crisis from Nigeria permanently.

As an organization we are wholly dedicated to bringing the entire Nigerians under a common umbrella of building a strong, formidable and indivisible empire of the voice of the masses to counteract and destroy the siege of ethnic crisis in Nigeria.

This methodology standout as one of the strongest mental facility to reclaim our stolen voice from the cabals who deliberately set our [the masses] heads against ourselves to our detriment and to their advantage.

We travel through place to place round the country to conduct aggressive psychological campaign to impact the mind of the masses; to kill the seed of ethnic discord sown on the mind of the masses by our founding fathers and their lieutenants. Base on this radical mental empowerment about the pains of ethnic crisis on the masses, we create paradigm shift on our thought force [living conscience] to end ethnic crisis in Nigeria.


As an organization we are on conscious guard to raise a new generation of Nigerians that would be empowered with the patriotic mentality to turn around our homeland into a multi-ethnic, multi-racial or multi-tribal nation [multi-secular nation] where people all over the world, despite our glaring differences will come to Nigeria just to have encounter with the power natural freedom and will wish to live in our nation as their land of birth. We conduct ethnic consultancy, training and counseling to build efficient human relation among all groups that constitutes a definite society, to stop racial segregation or tribal discrimination among human societies and to promote flawless unity, peace and tranquility among all societies globally. Our services are opened to public invitation, especially to societies under the colony of ethnic crisis, racial segregation or tribal discrimination for assistance.

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