Economic Reforms

Oct 8, 4PM

As an organization, we create technological and scientific camps in curl of ‘thought wombs’ on the mind of our citizens through the establishment of psychological research and development institutes. By this method, we wake up the consciousness of the sleeping giant within the thought womb of our citizens for adventure.

We create conducive mental climate for our citizens to master the arts and sciences of creative war for absolute conquest. We set the pace for our citizens to become resourceful, to see opportunities in nothing, to explore the inestimable opportunities in our homeland and to covert these opportunities into vibrant economy importance.

We assemble all creative minds in one place, empower them with viable thought resources and release them into vast expanse of explorative field to excavate the abundant of our natural resources.

We create equity plane for all Nigerians irrespective of where we hailed, by providing and distributing psychological microscopic and telescopic lenses to enable us import sharp imaginary particles and excel at our individual free pace without interruption.

We assist in enhancing the individual skills to become mentally viable for universal exploration and assemble them in collative camps to exert creative synergy. After enhancing their various skills into a unique plane, we expose them to wide expanse of explorative field to turn around the dilapidating state of our national economy into the most powerful and attractive universal monopoly.

We set enormous grounds on motion to recruit and assemble all creative minded patriotic Nigerians who could see the impetus in them to reform the dilapidating state of our national economy into first class universal economy.

The object of focus of our organization is to raise creative minds that would sincerely plunge into exploration of our infinite natural resources that has/have been lying dormant [wasted] in its creation bed [position] since the inception the world.

We are raising a new generation of curious patriotic citizens who will develop our collapsing economy and upgrade the standard of living of our people into international standard. This is the limestone of the emergence of adventurous generation that would passionately delve into intense exploration and creativity necessary to rebuild our collapsing economy into a globally appealing [magnetic] standard.

Our organization is wholly dedicated to raising a scientific inclined team of creative minded inventors and innovators in Nigeria who would champion the course of exploring and refining our limitless natural resources into export goods.

Our organization has invented viable economy structures which if fully installed Nigeria will lack labor. These structures will bring endless job opportunities to our nation even to the point where School Cert. Holders shall become gainfully employed.

Consequent upon innumerable job opportunities in the country; we shall be compelled to invite on foreigners to work in Nigeria just like what we have as ‘Visa Lottery’. As an organization, we welcome all Nigerian Sons and Daughters where ever you are to come home momentum; to join hands with us in this nobility course to put our economy in right shape.

Without mincing words, as a nation we have every necessary requirement to rule the world without tears yet we languish in despicable frustration, confusion, helplessness and stranded in the midst of abundant natural resources. What a tragedy! We conduct economy consultancy, counseling and training to impact nations, individuals and corporate organizations. We are opened to invitations.

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