Why Did Ethnic Crisis Persist In Nigeria? Part 1

‘Our research team’ observed that, the fundamental reason why ethnic crisis in Nigeria persists is because no one has ever taken quality time to make painstaking research on the causes to find solution. Nevertheless at this point, it is imperative to understand that solution to all problems do not fall from the sky like ripe fruits fall effortless from the tree or germinate like trees from the ground; rather, it takes conscious effort by sacrifice to birth solution to all problems without exceptional.

Once again, the most astonishing is the fact that no citizen of Nigeria had taken time to find out the exact causes of ethnic crisis in Nigeria before jumping into irrational conclusion. Almost and if not everybody believes that there is no solution to ethnic crisis in Nigeria. The causes of ethnic crisis in Nigeria are hidden in deliberate misappropriation, misinterpretation and misinformation of the exact value of who we are as a nation to all Nigerians by our founding fathers.

The evil foundation of Nigerian history is an intentional act, a cause master-minded by the wicked founding fathers of Nigeria in the whims of promoting their respective inhumane political ambitions at the peril of the growth of our gracious motherland. The founding fathers of Nigeria sold their ambitions to masses in guise of promoting sectionalism whose cause deter the growth of our nation because vision id replaced by ambition.

What they presented to the masses is not vision but cloned mentality in guise of their ambitions respectively. Base on this obvious reason, we are still struggling with how to get out of their mental hooks and grow the nation since independence to no avail. Psychologically, the degree of damage they inflicted on the nation is described as ‘high profile mental damage’, this is what affected the reasoning prowess of our citizens, otherwise known as ‘cloned mentality’.

Pathetic to think of is that after 50-60 years of attainment of self-government we are still struggling with the hyper mental damage they inflicted on the nation. The people cannot develop the mental audacity to build the consciousness necessary to reason as one nation, to determine the way out of this inglorious siege and when the end all these nonsensical activities of theirs in the land will come to lasting end.

The invasion of ethnic crisis in Nigeria undertook the process of destroying the value systems of our national history by the founding fathers of Nigeria and their lieutenants. The aim is to achieve their wicked political ambitions at the detriment of the growth of our noble nation. So sad to observe, we are still suffering from this malicious damage in the land.

Our national history was written under intense supervision of wickedness and resentment against the wellness of people from other sections of the country [those outside the writers sections]. The writers of our national history deliberately expunged what characterize the essential values of our pride as a nation through false documentation of our national history in favour of sectional interests.

They intentionally altered the basic character that made us one most populous black people [nation] on planet earth. It is a calculated attempt in wrong direction to alter the reality of who we are permanently from the knowledge and understanding of our upcoming generations throughout all ages. This inglorious experience about our national history is a major factor that paved expressway access to internal imperialism [our founding fathers and their lieutenants] to colonize Nigeria without resistance from anywhere.

A spill-over from this resentful historic documentation is the genesis of ethnic crisis in Nigeria and a cause that devour precious lives daily without remorse across the country. The experience of ethnic crisis in Nigeria is a spill-over from sectional resentful documentations of our national history. The writers of our national history resentfully processed and packaged it through the disgusting influence of the founding fathers of Nigeria in guise of promoting and protecting the interest of their respective sections against nothing.

It is irrational calculated attempt by the founding fathers of Nigeria and their lieutenants to cage the nation in disguised imperialism and to maim the greatness of our fatherland in their evil colonies perpetually. However, as terrible as the havoc from ‘external imperialism’ over a colonial nation is nothing compare to the degree of damage sustains from ‘internal imperialism’.

The resultant impact from internal imperialism over Nigeria manifests through the high degree of wastage of human lives, the spread of abject poverty like whirl-fire in the land and unending the suffering on the people across the country. Taking critical look at realistic values in comparison with the standard of living as obtained round the world between the era of external colonialism in Nigeria and the standard of living in Nigeria today under the era of internal colonialism; one might be compelled to accept the fact that the era of external colonialism is far preferable.

The virus from the wrong documentation of our national history had suddenly grown into a dreadful heritage for thousands of millions of our generations both present and yet unborn to queue in. Base on psychological observation, if nothing drastic and meaningful is done fast to ward-off this epidemic from the land, the possibility of manifesting our creation purpose and assignment on earth to rule the world as universal heroes will remain hand-cuffed permanently.

Based on our national falsehood historic lay down, we can rarely find at least a Nigerian citizen who could give handy historic information about the state of country without zooming into unnecessary argument and controversy. Just as we are studying this revelatory intellectual material concerning our national history in regard to the kind of relationship that exists among all tiers that constitute Nigeria, we should observe the following instruction.

it is advisable for us [Nigerian masses] to engage in serious personal research to confirm the above detail via revelation. To do justice in understanding the remote cause of ethnic crisis in Nigeria, we should endeavour to invite anyone around us who studied Nigerian history to at least Degree Level. It will help us to confirm the fact that our national history had been terribly tampered with or destroyed by the writers of our history via influence of the founding fathers and their lieutenants.

Amazingly, ‘our research team’ discovered that no single Nigerian who studied ‘Nigerian history’ to at least Degree Level says anything good about our national history. The common sign among all those who studied Nigerian history is the fact that they are vastly repulsive about our national history, bias minded/resentful against other sections of the country outside where they hailed and eager to commit genocide or homicide against fellow Nigerians from other sections of the country.


These are some of the kind/part of pains and tear any nation that destroyed her national history suffered until a generation is born to correct or rewrite her history. The mental forces surrounding deliberate alteration of national history do not stop invading the land on it own accord until the birth of a powerful intellectual and determined patriotic generation is born to uproot the unwanted curse of falsehood history from the land.

However, to uproot a solidly established wrong national history requires real tug-of-war and it takes only a fully prepared generation to overpower the siege of wrong national history in mentally demeaned land. Therefore, in the absent of adequate mental preparation by a casualty nation, her citizens shall remain in perpetual captivity of sabotage via cabals.

Most importantly, we must know and understand that there is no creature ‘living or non-living’ rounds the world without history. In other words, no creature can experience the process of progressive change in any capacity without articulate history. Hitherto, the importance of history cannot be underemphasized among all creatures, if we must develop/progress whether ‘God made or manmade’ creature.

For instance, our television sets, computer systems, houses, our lives and so forth have histories respectively. The implication of this breakdown is that Nigeria is the only creature round the world without history, this is unfortunate. The interpretation of this concept of historic analysis implies that, as a nation we are lost to our source [origin], this is why we are so confused and stranded in the midst of unending abundance of natural resources well enough to rule the world.

Once again, this is the utmost reason why as a nation, we are so confused and stranded about the way forward from our national predicaments. What constitute the history of all nations round the world without exceptional is the natural mandate that reflect on the quality of value systems we manifest as the depth of education that dominate the thinking form of our citizens. History is the master key that determine the pyramid of development found anywhere round the world.

History is the basis for nations building anywhere, it is the source that provides man with authentic information to understand our origin and why certain things should or should not be done in certain ways. The history of every nation respectively is determined by the number of possibility frequencies that surrounds the thinking form of her youths. The interpretation of the just concluded statement it what shows the quality of mental values that dominate the thinking form of the average youths within a definite nation.

History provides track record [pedigree] to humankind as stronghold to determine what should be built now and how it should be built in a certain way. This is what defines the true meaning of progress or retrogress in all nations through the quality of lifestyle [living condition] found in a certain nation. The quality of lifestyle found in every nation is always consciously proportion to the frequency of possibilities that hover around her history.

Similarly, findings from ‘our research team’ show that to reform the degree of disruption found in our national history requires engagement of ‘intensive mental revolution’. Mental revolution is the most viable roadmap to recast the values of our national history to conform with our originality as a nation. Likewise, ‘our research team’ noted that to engage in ‘intensive mental revolution’ is the hardest way to reform a wrong national history, especially in a mental bankrupt nation like ours yet the only vital method and the best anywhere round the world.

The most important thing to note is that, every kind of result reaped anywhere round the world is always proportionate to the trait of historic values that regulate a certain creature. Anyway, besides the fact that ‘mental revolution’ is the most difficult method of national reform to conduct anywhere because it manifests through influence, not power or force. Mental revolution is also the only natural way to correct wrong history without maiming the future.

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