Urgent Need To Revolutionize Our Collapsing Educational Value Systems And Standards

Urgent Need To Revolutionize Our Collapsing Educational Value Systems And Standards

The gross invasion of non-learning culture in Nigeria is the primary factor that weakened the moral fabrics of our educational value systems and structures. This is the main factor responsible for the inglorious experience of severe confusion and despicable helplessness in our developmental scheme as a nation with no one able to usurp the capacity necessary to think creatively. Obviously, we lack citizens with the mental capacity to think out of the box and proffer solution to move our nation from sympathy ground to the plane of empathy. This is one of the utmost reasons why Nigeria is pinned to whirl-fire confusion and frustration throughout all generations; yet, with no one able to figure out cogent ways from the racket till now.

Base on this obvious reason and more, we are desperately stranded as a nation in the midst of abundant natural resources with no one able to detect the way forward. Therefore, possessing the qualities to explore the limitless natural resources in our fatherland is very essential. Sorrowfully, everyone is profusely busy for nothing making flimsy excuses to escape blame, yet trapped in comatose. This factor is part of the consequence we reap as a nation for neglecting the mental development of our youths, the establishment of scientific education research institutes and developmental institutes is key. In the absent of these mental facilities in the land, we could not impact the mental state of our youths; therefore, left them to themselves.

So sad to observe is the immutable reality that Nigeria is a serious casualty of mass massive illiteracy [lack of educated minds], for refusing to foster electrifying steps toward the preparation of our youths for adventure. Notwithstanding, we should be grateful to God that had risen to wipe away our tears; He had stepped into our case by raising the mental consciousness of our generation to birth a new attractive Nigeria. In alignment with divine guidance, ‘our research team’ has invented viable psychological machineries to foster laudable ways from our nationwide educational dilapidation. In consideration of the last statement, during investigation ‘our research team’ came to the realization that the only way out of this casket cage educational hopelessness in Nigeria is to consciously delve into aggressive intellectual campaign to build human capacity and develop human capital.

We are talking about enshrining research institutes and developmental institutes capable of turning around the mental state of our youths from die hearted chase after acquisition of large money bags to laudable chase after acquisition of conscious scientific knowledge. At this point, it should be noted that a huge part of the blame of our educational negligence regard the mental development of our youths is traced to the gross decay in our learning culture. Again, every set backwardness experience in Nigeria is traced to our porous cultural values that repulse learning culture with irresistible passion. Any nation with cultural values that repulse learning will never experience creative change, because every dimension of creative change rallies round intensive learning. The quality of values that dominate the thinking form of the average youths of Nigeria reflects in the type of activities we engage passionately.

In which case, the kind of activities engaged by our youths reflects proportionately in the kind of values they attract to our nation and this in turn defines the shape of our nation today. Furthermore, whatever motivates or influences the thinking form of the youths become the source of a living-deity that defines the quality of attraction they draw to the nation. Meanwhile, we should be mindful of the fact that “no one gives what his does not have”; thus, our youths can only produce in proportion to the quality, volume and frequency of intelligence that dominate their minds. Hitherto, educate your mind because the mind is a terrible thing to waste; ‘education is very important’ and cannot be underemphasized anywhere in the world.

Another serious laxity in the mental development of our youths is the discovery that our thinking forms are overwhelmed with flimsy excuses, illicit complaints, irrational blame on others and the urge to cast disgusting aspersions at something somewhere else while the boisterous storm robust, rather than give our minds to scientific learning and improve our nation. It should be noted that those who need peace and solution do not complain or make excuses rather they take responsibility to learn and solve their problems, despite obstacles. Educated mind that seek for peace and solution understands that peace and solution truly exists. Because educated mind has the understanding that peace and solution exist, he go all the way and whole heartedly for peace and solution without slagging.

Knowledge takes a man to the mountain top while understanding sustains him on the mountain top! The rule of understanding state that whoever does not understand must go beneath. Better still, those who acquire scientific knowledge, possesses the understanding that there is always a way out of every dark tunnel; so, they are confident to suspend every urge for flimsy excuses and illicit complaints to reach out for escape route, to reach out for peace and solution, despite obstacles. Lack of education is a mental virus that dominates the mental state of our fathers who never saw reason why they should solve our problems at their time; because they relied on making flimsy excuses and irrational complaints about everything without reaching out for solution, that is what we are suffering from today.

Instead, they willfully passed-on the chain of problematic heritage to us from one generation to another till it got to our turn. What a mental disaster! Consequent upon the fact that they were not able to see the reality of peace and solution in the problems they underwent at their time; they could not see the importance of adventure to solve it till they parted from this mundane world. Pitiably, for gross absent of education among our fathers they could not understand the danger of refusing to solve problems at prime time; therefore, they could not usurp the courage necessary to fight the cause of Nigerians problem out of existence at their time. Rather, they willfully parceled the problem in holistic form and pass-on to us as heritage. Henceforth, it should be noted that if we also refuse to do something creative and meaningful to conquer this catastrophic cause of our ruinous educational value system; then, we should be willing to also pass-on the same problem to the next generation.

Note! It shall be said of us by other generations that we parceled our problem and passed-on to them as heritage rather blessings while like our foreign counterparts passed-on blessing to their next generations. God forbid! Importantly, the law of psychoanalysis state that ‘whatever the outgone and outgoing generations did wrongly or rightly will become automatic reference point and heritage to upcoming generations’. By virtues of the law of education, whatever the preceding generations passed-on to upcoming generations has special ways of manifesting as either blessing or curse to her offspring. Whereby the labour of past generations contain no profitable values, then upcoming generations will definitely inherit curse. Curses manifest through untold suffering upon a people which defines the exact the situation we are undergoing today in Nigeria.

Curses do not have the ability to stop operating in its own accord except someone or a generation is born with the virtues to pay the price necessary to break the spellbound. In other words, if the deeds of past generations are productive it will manifest in the degree/depth of blessings they would preserve for her upcoming generations. These are the qualities or manner of blessings we see and admire in all great nations of the world today we passionately aspire to naturalize in. Whether blessing or curse it becomes a pedigree and inheritance from the fathers [past generations] to her offspring [upcoming generations]. By this insight to education, ‘our research team’ realized that both past and present generations of Nigeria passed-on curse [suffering] to her upcoming generations which we are today. Unfortunately, no one knows when this siege will eventually come to a permanent end.

One thing ‘our research team’ is so sure about is that this curse in our fatherland is coming to permanent end in our time. Consequent upon lack of education in our nation, the degree of suffering in Nigeria right now is alarming [is gone out of control]. Note! There is no time anymore to keep casting blame or aspersion at something else while the racket robust, but to take responsibility. Otherwise, the time has come for the masses of this dear nation from the ‘North, South, East, West, Middle and Centre’ to come together as one people to fortify our minds with qualitative education, to fight our common enemy [massive masses illiteracy] and kick it out of our homeland. It is no time to keep blaming our fathers over their wrong deeds because it would never yield better result or improves our situations rather it would worsen the case the more.

The masses must learn to stop accusing or blaming a particular section of the country or government that did not perform credibly during her tenure because it has never yielded fruition and will never yield fruition but shall continue to worsen the gap of our sectional relationship the more. According to investigation by ‘our research team’, the problem of Nigeria started far beyond the days of attainment of independence in 1960. Since the beginning of the problems in Nigeria, all generations that came into existence kept building upon the same wasted educational grounds with no one attempting to revamp the decay in our land. Time will fail us to go into details, otherwise we would be shocked to the marrow of our bones and to the tissue of our fabrics over the kind of discovery made about the collapse of our educational value system.

According to the just concluded psychoanalysis, lack of establishment of research institutes and development institutes is a fundamental factor in our underdevelopment as a nation. Education is the basic factor that separates the tie between great nations from despised nations round the world and throughout all generations. Thus, it is extremely dangerous for any nation on planet earth to neglect the development of the mental state of her people [youths], otherwise the land will turn proper into animal kingdom. In which case, any nation that neglects the development of the mental state of her people [youths] will never go unpunished because such nation is playing with/into unquenchable inferno. In attempt to diagnose the catastrophic state of affairs of Nigeria, ‘our research team’ discovered that the entire situation surrounding Nigerians problem is the resultant impact from the failure of our fathers to establish standard educational value systems in our homeland.

Pitiably, while their counterparts in developed nations of the world laid solid educational foundations for her upcoming generations and passed-on blessing to them, our fathers wasted their entire lives and time in no profiting ventures; therefore, passed-on empty educational value systems [curse] to us as heritage. Our generation must see reasons why we should take total responsibility of ourselves because we have no patient be ourselves, to fight like a wounded lion for our freedom and glory to secure the future of this nation and upcoming generations. Our generation must be ready to make the sacrifice necessary to secure the future of our nation by establishing scientific education across all the tiers that constitute this great nation, to pass-on the mantle of freedom [blessing] to our upcoming generations; to avoid being like our fathers.

Our generation must be prepared to secure and sustain the future of the thousands of millions of our generations both present and yet unborn. This mantle of lack of qualitative education in Nigeria must be eroded from the land because it has nothing worthwhile for any human society anywhere in the world. This is the utmost reason why we are so confused and frustrated as a people in the midst of ending natural resources. What a tragedy! No nation on earth could boast of being blessed with high density of natural resources like Nigeria and would experience the kind of poverty [suffering] that ravaged our fatherland today as a nation. Should our fathers established solid scientific educational systems like their counterparts in all developed nations of the world for their children, we would not be in this degree of lamentation.

Wonders shall never end! Imagined, that all developed nations of the world discovered just a little of her material resources, which is nothing compare to our discovered limitless material resources in Nigeria, yet they rule the world while we take global backbench as underdog. Findings by ‘our research team’ has proven beyond doubt that, there is no single great nation on planet earth that can boast of the high density of material resources deposit in our country; what we have in Nigeria is enormous to mention. Lack of educated minds in Nigeria is a serious disaster to our development and a factor we must tackle to destroy the plague of lack of slavery in Nigeria, if we must fulfill our creation purpose as number one nation on planet earth.

So sad to think of, let alone mention to anyone else is the fact that the only thing we proudly boast of in Nigeria is how to make flimsy excuses, illicit complaints, apportion blame on others and cast aspersion at something else while the racket robust with the aim of winning self-impose sympathy from foreign land, without taking responsibility. As big or large as the overall population that constitute this great nation [Nigeria], no one has ever thought it wise to offer the sacrifice of laying his life to lay the foundation stone of our educational value system upon solid rock. Perhaps, our citizens are yet to understand that no problem has the capacity to resolve itself on its own accord, except someone else assumes responsibility to resolve it. The kind of problematic education experienced in Nigeria is what some nations of the world experienced sometime past but turned around the cause when they discovered it was wrong and today they are great nations.

Let’s look at a similar issue from different perspective that disrupted a country like the United States Of America [segregation law] and today they are exceeding great country on planet earth. For instance, the case of USA lingered for undefined long time before the advent of King Martin Luther Junior who attained the require educational qualities to take full responsibility over the purported segregation law that disrupted the land and he sets a new pace of life of freedom for his people [equity]. The absent of educated minds in any nation is a terrible curse that drags the mental state of casualty nations through the mud of untold agony and public dance of shame, until a man is born for the task to assume responsibility over the unwanted in the land situation and resolve it. Thus, refusal to wake-up from the winding ales of educational disaster and fight the war for total mental freedom of a people her country will remain in perpetual hostage of cabals via saboteurs.

The growth of Nigeria is chained down by a few cabals who arrogate power to themselves because our nation laced technocrats. We lacked technocrats with the capacity to secrete creative ideas to act upon for efficient result. Definitely, it is not an easy way to conquer because it has never been easy war for all conquerors nation to conquer. No nation of the world that conquered her situation in a platter of gold but through serious harrowing and uncomfortable winding paths. Note! It has never been and can never be easy war throughout all generations to come to set her nation free from the cataclysmic pitfalls of cabals. Therefore, we must be desperate in preparation with core intellectual artillery against the gross dominion of our self-imposed-mental dullness among our citizens.

This is the only way out to shield thousands of millions of upcoming generations from the pang of flimsy excuses, illicit complaints and blatant blame on others and the delight to cast aspersion at others than take responsibility. We must be ready to refuse to justify any reason why we should fail no matter how glaring the evidence at hand may seem. We must be willing and ready to chase hard after success to conquer or dominate ever element of power that propels failure. The absent of education in our fatherland is a serious mental epidemic in guise of intellectual curse that trickily steals our freedom and expose the whole land to all manner of inglorious attacks. Unless we become aggressively willing and madly ready to fight the cause of lack of education out of our fatherland with the last drop of our blood, we can never break the jinx of mental slavery from Nigeria.

This awkward mental heritage from our fathers is the utmost reason why we believe so much in making flimsy excuses, complaints, blaming others and casting aspersion at something else to crave for illicit sympathizers rather than delve into adventure to find out the remote causes of our problem and uproot it from the very tap root to gain lasting freedom. The dull quality of the mentality state that dominates our mind as a people is a terrible graveyard used by both local and international saboteurs to hijack the peace and unity of purpose in our nation. This is what give saboteurs the overriding hedge over our nation to execute their nefarious activities against the development of our fatherland and the peace of our people.

Once again, the absent of education in Nigeria is the mainstay of our nationwide underdevelopment and insult at the international scene. Lack of education in the land is the prime factor that provides lucrative platform for saboteurs to operate freely [without checks] in Nigeria at all levels and all times. Regrettably, ‘our research team’ observed that saboteurs use our uneducated youths as human shield and mock sport to unleash havoc on the pride of our nation in the whims of helping them while their target is to achieve political ambition against our nationwide development. Apparently, the state of affairs of Nigeria right now could be likened to ‘a beautiful lorry without tyres’.

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