Uprooting The Misappropriation, Misinterpretation And Misinformation Of Our Historic Values From Nigeria

According to Investigation into the misappropriation, misinterpretation and misinformation of our national history by ‘our research team’, we discovered that the actual cause of ethnic crisis in Nigeria is a deliberate plan, coined by our founding fathers to alter the greatness of our noble fatherland. It is a calculated attempt by the founding fathers of Nigeria to establish and sustain their wicked political ambitions respectively at the peril of the lives [survival] of the downstream sector of the nation and the general growth of Nigeria.

Hitherto, ‘our research team’ likewise realized that until this erroneous [wicked] plan of the founding fathers of our nation is uprooted from the land, the possibility of reaping growth, unity and peace in our nation would remain handicapped permanently. The resultant impact from the alteration of our national history adversely affected the leadership, economy and the cultural fabrics of our nation.

It is imperative at this point to note that no nation usurps the audacity to rise, stand and soar above the quality of the historic values that dominate the thinking form of her citizens. Certainly, any nation under the siege of wrong national history will sink into natural manifestation of decayed mental deity as heritage and pedigree for generations upon generations to queue in.

The state of confusion decayed mental deity causes in casualty nations’ manifest through the incapacitation of a people to rise in one accord as a nation, to pursue purposeful goal and to achieve national course in one voice. Decayed mental deity exposed casualties to illogical and irresistible hatred for each other without reason; and, the virus called hatred spreads through the wills of remorseless destruction of human lives and properties in a casualty nation.

This is the millstone of the paradox of Nigeria that led us to this despicable cross road and must be corrected to untie our treasured fatherland. Imagine a nation [Nigeria] so mightily blessed with endless natural resources well enough to build herself and to support universal development lying desolate because her citizens are misinformed of what constitute her history.

The cost of reforming a deliberately destroyed history is a difficult task to thinking of and almost impossible to approach the scene because everything therein is coded with series of devastating philosophies. Under the climate of wrong national history, the possibility of casualty nations staggering into worse hand-cuffed situations is always more visible than the possibility of resuscitating the nation.

So, the only possible channel to correct wrong national history is for casualty nations to consciously impregnate the mind of her citizens with curious mentality to question everything, no matter how perfect it may seem. Then, the mind of the citizens of casualty nations must be built on the mental ability to birth independent thinking for interdependent synergy.

We must create inherent ability on the mind of the citizens of casualty nations to see the impetus in them to review her national history with patriotic mentality. This is when we could freely build dynamic systems and structures that would move our nation into higher pyramids of greatness that cannot be aborted by saboteurs.

Of course, all national histories round the world are subject to sieving and it require the engagement of great mental tacticians, not mediocre like our just concluded ‘Sovereign National Conference’ that constitute all sort of mental imbeciles, set by mental handicaps in authority to decide the fate of the nation. By core observation of all activities surrounding [SNC] sittings show that, no single discussion throughout the sitting was fired on addressing at least one national issue e.g. how to stop ethnic crisis across the country.

Perhaps, all the participants of SNC are bereaved of ideas because they are all 100% aware of the high degree of sorrows and pains ethnic crisis brought upon Nigerians to bear in endless basis. To sieve wrong national history requires the engagement of intelligent humanitarians who have overtime shown themselves patriotic. To sieve wrong national history, there must be thorough compliance with natural laws to grow systematically into exceeding greatness from one generation to another without altering the flow.

This pattern of wrong national historic correction is known as ‘historic evolvement’ through a channel called ‘systematic audit operation’. After taking careful psychoanalysis on universal history, we discovered that the mold for natural growth of historic that decide the development of all nations work side-by-side with time, values and standards in line within every human settlement.

Whereby a people within a definite nation and generation lack the ability to evolve her history in alignment with time, values and standards such history will become obsolete and obscured for upcoming generations to use. This is the foremost reason why there is outrageous importation of barbaric cultures from feign land everywhere across the country that works against our accepted norms and morals as a people.

According to psychoanalysis, history is key in defining the values of advancement among all creatures both ‘living and non-living’ because, it is the intrinsic in all creatures that characterize domains and generations. Once again, history is the basis to assess time, values and standards comparing the past with the present to shape the future in alignment with what we understand as advancement.

The importance of history to advancement cannot be underemphasized because it is the fundamental factor that determines whether or not we are obsolete. Whereby a nation is submerged under the spellbound of wrong history, her people will become subject to perpetual confusion, frustration, helplessness, hopelessness and will become stranded even in the midst of abundant natural resources like the case of Nigeria today.

However, until such people usurp the capacity to untie their minds from the spellbound of her wrong history, the possibility of manifesting the true meaning of her creation purpose will remain dashed. Definitely, any generation that operates under the spellbound of colonized history would remain lost to the reality of where they are coming from, where they are and where they are going.

The fairest phrase to describe this kind of a nation is ‘a lost generation’. Under influence of wrong history, casualties dash the true identity of who they are and if nothing meaningful is done to rescue them, they will remain in endless public shame. This is the main factor responsible for the promotion of hatred in all casualty nations. These factors spew venoms on the peoples mind to propagate ethnic crisis.

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