Indexes show that all human societies that dwell consistently and richly on the plane of unleashing leadership potentials for a longtime, gains unprecedented quantum-leap into experimental encounter with reality that staggered them radically into possession of exceeding greatness. This quality of experience constructs vast fields of willpower in debased/depressed minds/societies like ours to champion roundabout humanitarian advancement.

This is the mountain-foot upon which our research team discovered the utmost qualities of creative leadership. It is on the mountain foot of absolute readiness, the mind reap the needful skills to construct progressive chain of succeeding leaders. Ironically, as a result of sophisticated absent of experiential exposure to leadership qualities, so many human generations round the world die/depart from this mundane world with their leadership potentials untapped.

The most annoying part of this whole exercise is that the class of people’ who grumbled, complained and blamed others over the calamitous situation of Nigeria don’t take charge. Research gathered that the only reason for all the complaints in the land is to create soft grounds to exonerate self from taking responsibility over our national unpalatable state of affairs.

Nonetheless, findings from ‘our research team’ gathered that only a minute proportion of human population below a handful over the majority population that constitutes the entire world throughout all generations are ever able to explore their leadership potentials and impact the world since creation. In which case, for inglorious ignorance a vast proportion of human population throughout all generations ends up in unceremonious enrichment of the grave with their untapped potentials.

According to indexes from ‘our research team’, one of the most depressed report since creation is that, almost every human being/society that failed blame God over unfair allotment of potential among generations, nations, races and individuals etc. After quality examination of the human mind-cell on the ability to think effectively, we realized that the problem with exploration of leadership potentials is our inability to ask fundamental questions.

In furtherance of this breakdown, psychoanalysis revealed that all adventurers emerge from the plane of undiluted curiosity. Henceforth, to wake our potentials from the sleep of death we must be ready to develop the quality of curiosity necessary to question everything within our reach. We must learn to ask questions, we must keep asking questions and never stop asking questions no matter the height we might have attained.

Most importantly, we must learn to ask mastery questions with the aim of reaping logical content. In asking curious questions, we must be firm and polite in approach but aggressive in proving every question to be answerable to reap creative result. After attainment of curious mentality; the next step is to consecrate our thought-cells from contamination with a virus called mental junk.

Thus, it is imperative at this point to punctuate our cloudy spot of minds that whoever takes delight in blaming God over unfair allotment of leadership potentials should seriously reexamined his head. Otherwise, such a fellow is under the siege of idiosyncratic ignorance. Honestly, such a fellow needs urgent help to gain complete freedom from the cloaks of mental slavery.

Perceptibly, the attitude of such a fellow expresses absolute absent of self-identity and originality. It expresses utter wickedness, uncontrollable laziness and remorseless corrupt mindedness. It is important to quickly bring to our knowledge and understanding that such a fellow is deliberately holding back the blessedness of God at his disposal from the benefit of unending generations.

Unknowingly, while this fellow benefits from what others secreted out of the blessedness of God in them; out of wickedness, he refused to labour and secrete his own part of the blessedness of God in his disposal for the benefit of others too. Such attitude emanates from the source of gruesome laziness to acquire scientific knowledge. Regrettably, these classes of people are those who blame God in order to justify their disgusting failures.

The most prominent example of this class of people/society across the world is Africans via Nigerians. Unfortunately, we live in a country/continent where everyone takes immoral delight in blaming others without taking responsibility, while the racket robust. Thus, we seize this great occasion today to announce to Nigerians [home and away] that, there is no unfairness in the dissemination of potentials by God to any people or nation etc.

After taking careful perusal on God’s nature by ‘our research team’, it became more evidential that there is no partiality in Him. Otherwise, God freely blessed our fatherland with everything necessary to establish Nigeria upon the plane of universal dominion. So, research shows that everything that befell Nigeria is exclusively our fault; therefore, there is necessity to refrain from blaming God to take responsibility and fix our nationwide hiccoughs.

Awake! Awake! Awake oh Nigeria from mental slavery to unleash your leadership potentials and stop pushing blame elsewhere to assume responsibility. Listen to yourself, Nigeria! It is your time and turn to lead the world; you were created with universal royalty, not to queue behind any nation. Your potentials are intact, so rise to your glory. So, rise up Nigeria to take your right place and rule the world.



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