The only reason why our noble nation [Nigeria] had dwelt too long in this hopeless casket cage leadership situation is the horrible absent of creative/visionary leaders in the country. In every developed or developing society, creative/visionary leaders are resource personnel to their generation, blessing to humanity at large, reservoirs of solution to their society and above all universal legends. They are builders of timeless systems and structure for generations.

Let it be known today to all humans across the world that, all legends [past and present] were once ordinary people like you and I. They created the different that made them outstanding by taking conscious electrifying steps into painstaking search to find creation purpose, punctuate their originality and to discover self-identity. They were never extraordinary people from creation until they fulfilled their creation assignments on earth.

Besides, they took quality time to develop the needful intelligence to advance the human world through conscious importation of imaginary photographs. They spent time in converting and packaging their reaped imaginary photographs into ageless values to salvage limitless generations’ from human and natural disaster. They devoted all their time in acquiring peculiar skills and brainpower that singled them from the crowd to impact effective leadership values on ageless generations.

They took time to build and advance their thinking forms into iconic pyramids through deep involvement in adventurous activities. This course saw them into the manifestation of universal inventors and innovators. Their adventurous activities skyrockets the universal beauty into relatively sound global human relation. Most importantly, they acquired exceptional skills that led them into becoming positive global influence.

The resultant impact from their exploit turned the world around into a relative global village by various conscious efforts exerted toward creating timeless comfort-ability for generations. Henceforth, the demand for impeccable leadership is within human reach but wrapped in core acquisition of high profile intelligence. Disappointingly as a nation, our minds are trapped in senseless numbed inferiority complex to foreigners.

Consequent upon this feeble state of mentality among our people; we delightfully subject our minds to see, accept and treat foreigners as superior beings over us while we conveniently take up the backseat of inferior beings to them. This ghastly mentality weakens our thought fabric into insensitive acceptance of frail beings to foreigners. So sad to observe is that, this singular thought humiliating action conditions our thinking form into indescribable fear-factor that ooze inferiority complex on our willpower.

Regardless of all odds, this altitude of weak thought programming refrain our thinking forms from engaging in a teeth-to-teeth adventure with our foreign counterparts [the Whites]. Our display of feeble mentality is what placed Africa via Nigeria on universal plane of second fiddle. Can we imagine that even in this present age, almost every nation round the world especially the White holds African submits!

The essence of this inglorious programme is not hidden to the wise-hearted because is so boldly written on the walls. Unfortunately, Africans via Nigerians are so narrow-minded to see the danger ahead and avert impending doom. The conspiracy of the White against Africa is to mock and turn our exotic motherland into perpetual dumping ground; and, Universal Trade Zone to display their products.

For instance, almost every nation round the world today holds African Summit such as; UK African Summit, Japan African Summit, China African Summit, France African Summit, Russia African Summit and USA African Summit to mention a few. Is it a crime for Africa to hold summit for these various countries to develop them? How did we get to this point? Why do we choose to be glorified universal lily-pushy? Education is very important.

Rather for gross thoughtlessness, we are non-constructively joyous that our nation via continent is favoured and honoured by International Communities to develop us. What a shame to our treasured motherland! What a dreadful celebration of unholy development by international communities among African nations. This is a deliberate attempt by African nations to swallow a life-bee that will mercilessly bust the throat of her offspring in future.

What a tragic initiative by International communities against Africa? Wow! We celebrate that they offer us grant with no African able to generate the intelligence [curiosity] necessary to ask serious question such as ‘why’ to punctuate their hidden agenda. Research confirmed that no man can help you except God compelled him to do so? Psychology demands that when men sort to help us, you should be curious enough to find what he stand to gain to avoid becoming a prey.

May it be known today to Africans beyond the borderlines and shorelines of Nigeria that, any nation void of self-esteem and mental freedom is like ‘a city broken down without wall’! The most responsive question Nigerians via Africans must make conscientious effort to answer and ward-off our ridiculous state of affairs at the international scene is the subject of what is wrong to be a Blackman or special to be Whiteman?



  1. Very nice. We will get there by the Grace of God. Amen.

  2. Educative and very good.

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