The entirety of this process revolves round large curl of qualities, volumes and frequencies of ideas that consistently dominate our mind for a longtime. This is a clear-cut ideological value that shapes the height and depth of the kind of passion we nurture and spread around our environment as core values. This in turn reveals the quality of thought values we retain as needful and also viably interpret the actions we take as intelligent or moronic.

After vast variety of examination on the processes involved in interacting with natural laws, it was discovered by ‘our research team’ that to unleash leadership potentials in all human spheres is very easy but extremely complex because of human nature. Feasibility study shows that human nature resists the culture of learning with all vigour and might because learning is strongly attached with strict discipline and sacrifice.

Furthermore, research shows that resistance to learning is more dominant in Africa via Nigeria because we refused to topple our awkward non-learning cultural values. I other words, our culture repulsed learning with irresistible passion. According to psychological proves beyond suspicion, nature made adequate provision on equity ground for all humans to learn and unravel the mysteries behind leadership potentials.

After a systematic unfolding of the mystery behind leadership potentials, it became more evidential that every form of leadership undertakes a peculiar pattern. The pattern tolled by every leadership determines it peculiarity and efficiency or deficiency. The peculiarity found in any pattern of leadership becomes the source that characterized the individual or communal actions as tyrannical, technocratic, bureaucratic and anarchical etc.

Meanwhile, what makes the overall value of every societal leadership is a concise collation of the individual mental state of leadership dominion over the overall population of people that constitutes such a society. This is what in turn defines the quality of leadership found in every human society as civilized or uncivilized. Discovery shows that every form of leadership is propelled by a source of influence known as intrinsic.


Intrinsic is that part of the body that naturally compels the mind to harbour clear-cut ideas base on individual state of thought development. It is that natural force that charges the mind with the vitality to build affinity with certain form of belief systems and irresistible passion. It generates a form of force that constrained the mind to act upon the template of a definite temperament.

Every form of action displayed by intrinsic undertakes the process of unconscious expression of temperament to untie our leadership character as creative or passive. The overall activities surrounding intrinsic occur through unconscious display of thought actions to expose our leadership character to public assessment and consumption as needful or needless. After vigorous look at intrinsic, we realized that, it is a natural customized influence in humans.

It is a natural force that lured humans into taking unconscious action over a kind of lifestyle we approve as value or ideal. Intrinsic is a natural leadership influence that guide humans into the manifestation of a strong-will called temperament. It is a natural influence that lures humans into acting upon values that have been induced on the mind and nurtured for a longtime. It ascribes wholly to temperament and very strict in performing its assignment unconsciously.

In which case, if the action we display at a definite event, time and season undertakes conscious pattern; then, it must not be considered as a flow from natural induce values; temperament. Authentic compilation of natural induce values on the mind is what interpret our leadership character as heroic, cowardice, intelligent, moronic, greedy, selfless, wise and so forth.

According to research, every wide awaken scrutiny of leadership character generates the needful capacity to incubate the mind with high profile intelligence that is helpful in turning around ordinary people into prolific global leaders. The absent of research/development institutes in a human settlement states that, ‘any society without creative/visionary leaders is like a lorry without tyres’.

To a large extent, ‘our research team’ discovered that the gigantic commotion in Nigeria leadership is caused by the absent of creative/visionary leaders in the land. This is the millstone of our national leadership pandemonium today. Therefore as situation stands right now, we are trapped in severe leadership tight-spot with no one able to produce the capacity necessary to design our national way of escape from our present dark tunnel.

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