The study of leadership is considered to be the highest school on planet earth and exclusively dealing with the art and science of being a leader. It is the only school meant to prepare human thinking form to function in full capacity/position of headship over all spheres of human endeavour. Leadership is the highest responsibility ever assumed by humans in the antennary of our creation assignments on earth to fulfill purpose.

Overtime, unleashing leadership potentials have been proven to be the highest programme to foster unique universal development by ‘influence, not coercion’. Hence, to unleash leadership potentials undertakes the process of unraveling the mystery behind natural laws. The mystery behind natural laws states that to function efficiently in the position of leadership, the human must be developed to ask curious questions such as below:

  1. What are natural laws?
  2. Why did natural laws exist?
  3. What are the functions of natural laws?
  4. When, where, why and how can man reap natural laws?
  5. How can man maximize time, seasons and events to apply natural laws?
  6. What is the impact of natural laws in our environments?
  7. How has natural laws affected our past generations?

Furthermore, to regulate the mystery behind natural laws states that, ‘the human mind must be familiar with the rules of interacting with nature to function efficiently and deliver creative leadership transactions at optimal height’. Consequent upon the laws that govern interaction with nature; research reveals that it is important for the mind to bring into being the facility that accesses, accepts and aligns with leadership as without application of laws.

The moment this happened, the mind possesses the capacity to pay keen attention to every jot of action that leads to unleashing leadership potentials in all spheres of human intelligence. To unleash leadership potentials, the mind must be curious enough to navigate the demand to access imaginary commands. Base on this note-down revelation, ‘our research team’ noted that it is impossible to interact with nature without a well-organized exploration of imagination.

Pathetically, the worse tragedy ever recorded on earth since creation is the human inability to punctuate self-identity and originality. By implication, this is one of the factors responsible for indiscreet absent of creative leadership’ in Nigeria till date. Apparently, another humiliating factor responsible for our national leadership upheaval is the mental incapacitation of our citizens to unravel the mystery behind where this entire entity called Nigeria came from.

Thus, our inability to unravel the component materials that constitute our national heritage is another serious issue that must be ward-off to advance. This is a bottleneck on our national values that must be expunged to reap fruition. Further study shows that leadership debacle anywhere across the world is a graveyard disaster that strongly opposes the ability to unleash leadership potentials.

In another dimension, feasibility study shows that our incapacitation as a people to unravel the mystery behind the origin of Nigeria is a milestone in the foundation of our national ill-at-ease alignment with bankrupt mentality. Frankly, this is one of the major slams on our national leadership institute that ooze outright absent of leadership structure in Nigeria whose cause defined the state of Nigeria as ‘a nation without foundation’.

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