In alignment with viability study on the different between Blackman from Whiteman by ‘our research team’, we discovered that there is utterly nothing wrong or special to be either Black or White. Stressing further, we realized that the different among humans lie in the individual consciousness to develop the sensitivity to discover purpose, to impact timeless generations with comprehensive values and to sustain high premium self-esteem.

Apparently, according to creation indexes either Blackman or Whiteman all were created and endowed with equal potentials to dominate the universe without limit. We guess that the utmost question that will be running through the mind of most Black people now is why is African continent so backward? The answer is simple, we failed to discover purpose and unleash our leadership potentials.

Thus, it is imperative at this point to take total responsibility over whatever happens to us as a people. Importantly, we must understand that we have no patient in this whole exercise but ourselves to blame; thus, we must wake up to reality to break the jinx of mental slavery off our neck. In view of the research analysis in our reach, it is obvious that God’s own leadership is perfect and His dissemination of leadership potentials among men is impartial.

Going by this revelatory analysis, God did not disseminate leadership potentials among nations, generations or persons on the basis of racial discrimination or superiority over one another; thus, self0-discvery is based on personal sovereign decision. The difference in potentials display by different nations or people is based on individual readiness to punctuate self-identity, discover originality and find purpose to impact the world with timeless values.

Notwithstanding, what matters now is how to put our mental differences behind and face our current wave of reality. As a people, our mental readiness for war is a key to plunge into painstaking research, psychoanalysis and series of scientific experiment in psychometric theatre to unravel our creation assignment on earth. On this note, we can proudly fulfill our leadership mandate as a nation over the universe.

The stronghold to unleash leadership potentials across the world is deposited in the amount of readiness on the people to acquire the intelligence necessary to explore human resource and material resource alike; and, at optimal height. Henceforth as a people, there is necessity to develop the mental nerves in our thought fabric to explore natural laws as object of focus to attract universal attention.

Irrespective of all odds, to skyrocket into the plane of universal optimal height of attraction; then, it is essential to develop our strong-feeling and interest to unravel the underlying of the conspiracy surrounding our national leadership. It is upon this foothold shall we mount-up the impeccable boldness to unleash the leadership potentials necessary to impact unending generations with meaningful values without tears.

Having taken quality time to study the coin and prose of how to unleash leadership potentials, we came to a strong realization that the rallying point of leadership is the readiness to listen, learn and apply. These are basic thought processes that interact with the mind during active learning or training; and, they serve in the capacity of strong hammer to drive the nail of intelligence into the heart of the wood of our minds.

This process is viably responsible for the construction of thought vitality, strength, vigour and might to secrete creative leadership. It is on this climax of leadership intelligence, creative leaders numb their minds against anti-development ideologies. Creative leaders are naturally blunt about throwing their weight of concentration on selflessness to humanitarian growth.

By thorough synchronization of the above leadership breakdown, the mind possesses the vitality to generate the needful energy to advance the world into a multi-heterogeneous global village. Study shows that any leader operating in the realm of creative intelligence usurps the capacity to generate the vigour and vitality necessary to refine thoughts into the practice of classified human relation.

These are class of leaders who have generated the vitality and might to revive the thinking form of their subjects into understanding the importance of preserving it progressive cultural values. Therefore, the call for the possession of classified human relation and the preservation of moral values in all human settlements is a viable factor to development. In other words, it is the mainstay of scientific exposure to communal development.


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