The Time Has Come To Eradicate Bloodbath Groups Via Experiences And Ethnic Crisis From Our Fatherland

Findings from ‘our research team’ shows that Nigeria is trapped in the midst of severe bloodbath experiences; and, the most shocking is the discovery that almost all bloodbath groups in Nigeria have won global recognitions, affiliations and awards to mention a few.

This section of revelatory message is for someday, sometime and somewhere definitely not today. Lot of international communities have serious interest in Nigeria; thus, they have become a terrible headache to our homeland using bloodbath initiatives as prominent strategy to destabilize the peace and unity of our nation.

‘Our research team’ has confirmed factual facts to this effect and also some different countries of the world that aid bloodbath activities in Nigeria. They do not operate in a vacuum rather they use our empty minded elites as their agencies to unleash terror in our fatherland; and cripple our economy.


These countries in question come in guise of aid [help] to eradicate poverty from our homeland. By this horrible pretense they gain expressway access into our land to establish bloodbath activities; and most a time, they come in whims of assisting some parts of the country or organizations to actualize their illusive struggle for freedom.

The saddest discovery is that none of our citizens used by these despicable saboteurs [local, national and international] have usurp the audacity to ask curious questions that would checkmate their inhumane invasion [conspiracy] in the land.

The most sorrowful is that, our youths have bluntly refused to take responsibility for themselves to think curiously and proactively in order to set these saboteurs on hot seat and destabilize toes with questions. Our youths have refused to set these saboteurs on a sharp hedges to take deep breath before initiating their gimmicks against the growth of our fatherland.

Firing curious questions on saboteurs will put them in restless position to rack their minds before engaging our youths in their dirty and disgusting bloodbath jobs. Imagine a situation where our elites who initiate bloodbath groups and make public boast of embarking on patriotic course to defend her sectional interest end up buying guns [AK47] for our youths to kill themselves.

Surprisingly, while they give us AK47 to kill ourselves in purported defense of sectionalism [tribal war]; they give their own children [our mates] pen and book; and, sent them abroad to study. Painfully, our youths refuse to grow to develop the mental consciousness necessary to see the open gimmicks or pranks of these vampires called our elites. Worse still, our youths lack the mental authority to punctuate the agenda of these our elites who specialize in buying guns [AK47] for our youths to fight and kill ourselves.


How do we explain that rather than our elites develop the mental state of our youths to become creative or productive minded; just as their foreign counterparts develop the youths in their countries; our own elites chose to buy AK47 for our youths.

What is so obvious about our elites is that they have no plan for our youths but untold disaster. Not to mince words, our elites without exceptional are passive minded, opportunists and gold-diggers whose agenda for our youths nationwide contains nothing else but pain, tears, blood and sorrow with the primary intent to pocket the glory of our nation in their covens respectively and permanently.

The plan of the elites for our nation is to convert the entire country into their personal business empires through the conversion of our national farm lands and different business empires into their personal empires.

Their conversion of our nationwide industries undertakes direct acquisition and privatization of our nationwide businesses into their personal properties to thwart the growth of our nation. Their plans for converting our various government businesses into personal property is to satisfy their greed or ambitions via corrupt minds at the expense of the survival of the common man on the streets of our fatherland.

To a large extent, they successfully converted the entire nation to their personal business showroom, the masses become their laborers while our natural resources become their source of personal treasure. Imagine the kind of wicked elites we have at the frontline of our nationwide decision making and highly honoured at the peril of our nationwide growth. Imagine the narrow minded state of the masses who give themselves cheaply and willfully to be used against the growth or wellness of our nation.

Thus, ‘if we blame the kite for taking the chick, then we must likewise blame the chick for wandering out of the mother’s cover’. The masses must awake from her gross mental slavery/slumber to wake that age long sleeping giant within to gain our nationwide freedom from the cold-hands of our remorseless elites.

Pitiably, until now no single member of the masses had developed the curiosity and audacity necessary to ask these disgusting elites thoughtful questions that would rack or prick their dead conscience and cause them to fasten the belts of their conscience properly.

What is most surprising is the discovery that as big or large as the overall population that constitute this great nation, Nigeria; no single citizen had developed the mental ability necessary to think a way out of this racket to reform our wasting homeland till now.

Instead, more and more saboteurs are springing up by the day across the nation and are proudly recruited into the remorseless group of our elites [cabal] to torment our nation. The cheapest method of their recruitment into the fold of cabals in Nigeria is through the guise of activism or fundamentalism [irrational advocacy].

From where they wholly wreck and sink the sailing ship of our nation. At this juncture, one will expect that a mind that is fully developed with curiosity would be prompted to think toward this direction; if initiators of all bloodbath groups in Nigeria really meant well as popularly claimed; if they claim to be too old by reason of strength to run on the streets with AK47; then, where are their own children who are our mates? The obvious is that their children do not live in Nigeria but in oversees because they count them to be too important to die in riots initiated by their fathers for our youths.

The cabals initiate bloodbath activities in Nigeria from stolen monies out of our nationwide treasuries and funds received from foreign saboteurs [sponsors]. All saboteurs’ children are dual citizens where they squander the nation’s wealth that should be used for the development of the country and for the betterment of all citizens.

Their children are all proud owners of personal homes in different countries of the world where they naturalize. Both their fathers and children owned large expanse of business empires in various countries of the world where they naturalize from our nationwide stolen monies. The cabals and their families live in extravagant luxury from all they stole out of our nationwide coffer at the detriment of the growth of our nation. So disappointing to discover that almost all thefts committed by the cabals against our nation is aided and abated by the very suffering masses of the nation in the guise of getting their pound-of-flesh.

This is one of the foremost reasons why the masses are willfully recruited into various bloodbath groups [cults] across the country. So sad to say, our elites live in opulence from our nationwide stolen treasure against the survival of the downstream sector of the nation through illusory recruitment and use of our youths to secure their stolen wealth, to protect the lives of their family members and also to secure their own lives at the detriment of the very youths who secure them.

These are stolen wealth that should be used for mental impartation of our youths to improve their thinking capacity with scientific knowledge for the development and expansion of our nation. From this stolen wealth, we could raise formidable intellectual gladiators that would build our nation and support all weak nations of the world. At this point, we are sure of Nigeria ‘ruling the world’ without tears.

What a tragic state of affairs our dear nation is trapped in today! At this juncture, it is pertinent to bring to the conscious knowledge of our youths that, if these bloodbath groups initiated by our elites [politicians] are worthwhile, they would not see the masses to use as frontiers of their course but their own children; perhaps, their immediate family members.

Most importantly, if these elites of the various bloodbath groups in Nigeria really meant well for the masses [youths], as overtime publicly proclaimed; then, they would have initiated strong mental empowerment programmes to impact our youths with superlative knowledge to stagger our thinking forms into classified scientific reasoning to become useful to ourselves and our nation at large. Their main concerned would have been how to bring the mental consciousness of our youths to the realm of independent thinking to break the jinx of universal dependency from our nation asunder.

They should have concentrated on how to empower the mind of our youths with the scientific knowledge to become useful to themselves, useful to our nation, useful to our generation and useful to the world. Furthermore, the masses also have huge blame to share in this nonsensical bloodbath experiences in Nigeria. It is the masses who gave themselves to the elites for ignorance because we refused to learn. We cannot learn from our past and cannot learn from developed nations round the world.

So, we fall prey to the deceit of our empty minded elites. ‘A wise man knows where to say no even when is hungry, but a fool says yes to all things, eat poison and die’. This is the paradox of the masses in Nigeria; and, to come out of this inglorious tragedy requires real tug-of-war to wake the sleeping giant within to kill ethnic crisis. Countless lives have gone, lots are still going down and more will go down except we arise with ine mind to kill ethnic crisis now. ‘Ethnic crisis must die’!

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