The Target Of Traitors Is To Destroy Our Nation – Part 2

Investigation into the reason why the target of traitors in Nigeria is to destroy our nation by ‘our research team’ shows that, it is a universal phenomenon. Universal report also revealed that, destruction is the trade-mark of traitors anywhere round the world. Additionally, the basic aim of traitors is to take absolute possession of a nation and to achieve their ambitions.


Yes! Traitors have the understanding that the moment they capture the class of empty minded youths of any nation, they can ease freely take charge of such nation without resistance from anywhere. It is under this premise they gained access into ‘sowing seeds of discord’ on the mind of captive youths in their colonies to infiltrate untold wickedness on our nation without remorse.


With such distinctive intent and motive on the mind of traitors, they usurp invincible capacity to invade and poison the mind of their captive youths and use them against the overall development of her nation without considering the future. In consideration of the exploit of traitors in Nigeria, we realized that they trickily spellbound the mental state of our youths and use them to destroy whatever promotes unity in Nigeria.


The manifestation of the antics of traitors against the peace and growth of our nation becomes more and more evidential during all national transitions [national campaigns] across the country. For instance, we often hear and watch the despicable utterances of all political leaders in Nigeria from their various campaign tapes full of ‘tribal hate speeches and religious antagonisms’.


This course had been going on throughout all decades of national campaigns in Nigeria and no citizen had ever raised eye-brow against the ills therein at any time. It is obvious that no one had ever taken cognizance of the evil it oozes and because nothing had been done to quell the inferno this while, now everyone sees and accepts it as a normal way of life.


Meanwhile, all political leaders in the land capitalize in our complacence to use ‘tribal hate speeches and religious intolerances’ across the country as viable medium to win support from our citizens. They freely use tribal hate speeches and religious intolerances as choice medium to win mammoth support from our citizens nationwide to access political offices and maim the nation.


It is natural that, whatever traitors do in their respective colonies must be geared toward the destruction of the inhabitants. However as applied to Nigeria, their primary target is toward the mental destruction of our national unity. Apparently, in Nigeria they apply the technique known as ‘divide and rule’.


So shocking to observe is that, they are so crafty about the application of divide and rule in Nigeria such that our citizens are not or almost not able to notice it because of our gross dull mental state. These, traitors are willing to keep us in perpetual colonialism and neocolonialism respectively as the case may apply.


They seemed to be meticulous about the application of divide and rule in Nigeria, and it works for them because of the high level of unexposed mind of our citizens. This division gimmick started from the naming of regional circles, thereafter it tilts into tribal definition, and then it moves into ethnical identity and now geo-political zones.


The most astonishing in this whole exercise of divide and rule pranks is that, at each stage of implementation, the traitors in Nigeria have ever proven themselves smarter than the entire citizens put together. Of course, this evil-course has been working for them long before securing our independence in 1960 and is strongly working for them now without threat of abolition.


The most pitiable condition to think of now is that, the entire citizens of Nigeria are more divided than anyone in his wise mind could ever think. Psychoanalysis shows that, Nigerian citizens [the masses] are divided far beyond the division plan of traitors against our nation. This singular reason makes it almost impossible to move Nigeria forward from any dimension.


Actually to proffer solution to Nigeria’s problem, it is impossible to de-emphasize the importance of education. Education is the bedrock of any society that aspires to grow especially beyond boiling point like we [Nigeria] aspire to rule the world. Any form of programme containing division plan spews disunity and drags a people backward perpetually.


Similarly, any course content with disunity pushes the thinking form of a people into adoption of graveyard colonization. Unimaginably, this is the tragic state Nigeria is trapped in right now; a course content that runs our fatherland at deliberate expense of our national peace and unity. Essentially, this stage of psychoanalysis is sending strong revelatory signals to all our citizens that there is need for reforms.


Further analysis shows that all Nigerian leaders from inception of our nation have made themselves vulnerable at the vanguard of promoting ‘tribal wars and religious intolerances’ round the country to achieve their ambitions respectively. In a bid to stretch further in this analysis, it became more and more evidential that the ultimate goal of traitors in Nigeria is to vandalize our national pride against the downstream sector of our nation.


The concentration of traitors in Nigeria is vehement on using our youths for the ultimate purpose of vandalizing and striping our nation naked from the manifestation of her natural beauty to achieve their ambitions. The most shocking aspect to note is that, despite the high degree of damage traitors inflicted in our fatherland, it seems no citizen of Nigeria had learned anything till date.


No wonder the likes of the president of The United States Of America, Donald Trump asserts that “it seems Nigerians are yet to learn anything from her colonial masters”. And, in another version he asserts that, “Nigeria needs to be recolonized”. These statements might sound deteriorating to a sovereign nation but they contain weighty elements of ‘fruit for thought’.


After taking quality time to investigate the scheme of operation of traitors in Nigeria to unravel the strategies they apply in capturing the mind of our youths, we realized that they capitalize on the ‘massive masses mental bankruptcy’ in Nigeria. This gross mental weakness gave traitors access to penetrate the mind of our youths and capture their minds with vain promises.


Another factor is that, they capitalize on the high frequency of frustration from joblessness that stir eye-ball to eye-ball on our youths, to make vain promises of creating employment opportunity for them as instrument to win their loyalty. The most shameful to observe is that, traitors kept capitalizing on our lack of curiosity to make ship-wreck of the nation year-in and year-out.


One of the biggest questions we must ask ourselves and proffer cogent answers to is how long shall we continue like this? In other words, the most important lesson we must learn from this whole nonsense of traitors gimmicks in the land is that, as seemingly authentic as their vain promises for job creation, they cannot provide comfort for us in order not to be freed from their captivity.


However, even if by chance we got ourselves freed from their evil-hooks they will never to device another means of keeping us down to sustain their satanic colonies across Nigeria. Note! Wherever traitors are found round the world they operate with the same schemes or gimmicks of the devil. The devil is a liar and shameless by nature, no matter how many times he is defeated, he does not give up like bed-bug.


Hitherto, you should not be surprised that despite this open exposure of traitors childish gimmicks in Nigeria, they will shamelessly fight back like wounded lions to retain their respective evil-colonies. They will certainly device other means of making us to belief that they are patriots and that everything that happens this while was not deliberate but error beyond their control.


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