The Sore Of Our Nation

In accordance with feasibility study on ‘the sore of our nation’ by ‘our research team, we realized that the massive masses non-learning culture in Nigeria is the mainstay of our catastrophe. After investigation into the conceptual precept and background of our mentality in ‘psychometric theatre’, we understood that Nigeria is trapped in ‘mental bankruptcy’ via ‘mental slavery’.


Likewise, in alignment with the report from psychometric theatre regards the situation that led to our bankrupt mentality in Nigeria, we discovered that any society under the siege of bereaved mentality cannot usurp the capacity to think logically. Furthermore study shows that this unhealthy intellectual condition is what exposed our minds to gruesome experience of mental slavery.


In furtherance of our research, psychoanalysis shows that any society under the jinx of mental slavery will birth ‘mental slaves’. One of the unpleasing sign of those under the spellbound of mental slavery is that, ‘slaves don’t think for themselves let alone pay their bills but slave masters do’. By nature, slaves depend solely on their masters to think for them, instruct them and pay their bills.


Apparently, mental slaves can’t exercise their minds to think out of the box; this condition constrain slaves to hover around ‘mental curls’ known as ‘packaged thoughts’ from their masters projection. In attempt to diagnose the content of ideologies that propel the mentality of average slaves, we understood that their minds are cloned with constant ‘fear factor’.


A ‘packaged thought’ describes the condition and function of a device known as ‘hard disc’ in/to a computer panel. The manufacturer of computer system defines the condition and function of a hard disc in computer panel as “garbage-in, garbage-out”. After effective analysis of the condition and function of a hard disc via ‘packaged thought’, it became obvious that Nigeria lacked technocrats.


Sad to mention is that, the worse threat in mental slavery is hid in the revelation that any society that is void of technocrats will unfailingly sink into unpleasing experiencer of conscious/unconscious ‘human disaster’. However, research also reveals that this is the current plane of our unpalatable experience as a nation today. We are really trapped!


Pitiably, another dangerous dimension of experience in mental slavery is the exposure of casualty societies to vast field of illogical agitation. This is one of the worse experiences that formed the current wave of our national dilemma. The stakes of mental dilapidation found in Nigeria today is worrisome. The present state of Nigeria is a classic case study of superlative mental slavery on earth.


As a nation today, we live in daily tragic experiences where we watch all institutions in Nigeria go into deliberate extinction by the cabals without exceptional. Meanwhile, we turn motionless and helpless in excruciating pains. Surprisingly, no one is comfortable with the situation in the land yet with none doing anything in particular to expunge this evil-curse from our fatherland.


Astonishingly, ‘our research team’ observed that whoever gain entrance into the corridors of power in Nigeria joins the bandwagon to torment the downstream sector of the nation. Thus, the swinging ales of mental slavery in Nigeria is a terrible epidemic that ruin the pride and nobility of our nation without mercy. This utmost factor led Nigeria into complex problems without solution.


The degree of Nigeria’s problem today is extremely complex to ward-off easily with the kind of mentality that runs through the thought world of our citizens. This is the mainstay that introduced the pride of our noble nation to untold universal ridicule. Henceforth, the depth of mental rottenness that propels the thinking form of our citizens is worrisome.


Research shows that, this is the ultimate landing ground for all traitors in Nigeria and the knitting [collating] point for their wickedness against the growth of our nation. The moment ‘our research team’ came to this climax of discovery about the sorrowful state of our nation, we were poised to revolutionize the ‘thought womb of our people’ and to ‘advance our thinking form’.


This high quality of classified discovery led ‘our research team’ into the understanding that ‘mental revolution’ is the only roadmap to create the needful ideology to unearth solutions and resolve our national problem without tears. Most importantly, to unearth our national problems, we must be battled ready to engage in ‘aggressive mobilization of the masses intellectual empowerment’.


Meanwhile, during the excavation of the remote causes of the complex state of our national problems; ‘our research team’ gathered that, the overall effort of all traitors in Nigeria is consciously channeled toward the arrest of our empty minded youths as viable instruments to execute their antics against the peace and development of our gracious motherland.

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