Raising A New Generation Of Intellectual Gladiators That Would Eradicate The Sore OF Our Nation

Raising A New Generation Of Intellectual Gladiators That Would Eradicate The Sore OF Our Nation

According to feasibility study on our problem as a nation, ‘our research team’ realized that the massive masses mental bankruptcy in the land is the mainstay. After thorough investigation into the conceptual precept and background of the average mentality of our citizens in psychometric theatre, the result shows that the art and science of our mentality contains ‘acute slave mentality’.

In alignment with the report from psychometric theatre by ‘our research team’ on the degree or depth of damage mental bankruptcy inflicted on our nation, we realized that it would take real tug-of-war to topple the siege of mental slavery in Nigeria. In other words, psychoanalysis on mental slavery states that “any nation under the siege of mental bankruptcy can never usurp authority over logical thinking’.

Base on factual facts, mental slaves do not have the ability to think for themselves let alone pay their bills. Rather, it takes slave-master to think for slaves, pay their bills and instruct them on how to live. In which case, mental slaves think through a packaged thought from the slave-master into their minds.

In attempt to test-run this state of mentality, it became evidential that any nation void of technocrats will sink into dreadful disaster. The most dangerous aspect of mental slavery is the fact that it exposes casualties to vast field of illogical agitations and uncontrollable criminalities.

A case study of mental slavery is our ongoing nationwide complex problems which defines the state of our nation as under the siege of massive masses mental slavery as strong feeding ground for saboteurs.

After this discovery, ‘our research team’ was compelled to delve into intense study on the remote factors behind the complex problems in our nation with the aim of exhuming factual facts to proffer solution to our problems.

During this laudable study, ‘our research team’ also realized that the entire effort of saboteurs anywhere in the world is geared toward the arrest of empty minded youths of a nation of interest as instrument to inflict cruelty on the people. The moment saboteurs capture the mind of the youths of a nation; their next line of action is to sow seeds of discord on their minds with false information of who they are through a chain of limitless generations.

The primary target of saboteurs is to steal and poison the thinking form of the youths of a nation against whatever will provide them soft landing ground to establish their ambitions, without minding the consequences on the people.

In all cases without exceptional round the world and throughout all human eras, the masses are always casualty of sabotage. Saboteurs use vain promises and illogical argument base on emotion, not reasoning to win the loyalty of empty minded masses and use them to the vandalize her national pride against the welfare of the very masses they use.

All saboteurs in Nigeria capitalize on the massive masses mental bankruptcy in the land to inflict untold pain and tears in our nation through illicit propagation of unemployment opportunities in Nigeria as instrument. They use the gimmick of eradication of poverty in Nigeria to win the support the youths against the development of our nation.

This is cheapest method of campaign they have ever used and continue use to win the loyalty of our empty minded masses and use them to destabilize the peace of our nation at masses detriment.

Saboteurs capitalize on the desperation of our youths for job opportunities as advantage to make vain promises and remorseless propaganda of job creation for the youths to win our support. This kind of deceptive propaganda is only possible in a country like Nigeria where the illiteracy level among the masses is alarming.

It is only possible in a country like Nigeria where the masses are mentally bereaved of the meaning of job creation to nap in their web. Mental bereavement is a terrible graveyard no nation will wish to become a victim of in all generations. However, it is unfortunate that our nation [Nigeria] is a casualty of this horrible pothole dug by saboteurs against our fatherland.

Apparently, every stage of mental bereavement has special way of exerting pressure on casualties by dragging them through the mud of regrettable actions and to dump them to slavery.

The cause of mental bereavement in the land is what exposed our moral values to vast field of celebration of sycophantic heroism, thereby creating public promotion of mediocrity leadership over technocratic values. This is a strong factor that led our citizens to seek for palliative solution, rather than permanent solution.

Palliative approach to problem is a possible way of creating impossibility over the actualization of a noble course in a nation. It is one serious factor that rendered the mental state of our citizens bereaved of productive ideas.

Nigeria is the only nation among few nations of the world where we experience ceaseless tyrannical leadership with no one able to mount up the momentum necessary to challenge and stop the operation of culprits [leaders] in the land. Tyrannical leadership in Nigeria had become a strong factor that made us believe in militancy to solve problem.

So sad to say, our nation is one among few nations of the world where mental idiots reign over the us nonstop as their personal property. So funny, the same idiots have graduated to king makers; they decide who does or does not become a leader in Nigeria at the expense of the survival of the downstream sector of the nation and the masses are stranded.

What oxymoron! These culprits recycle the leadership mantle of our nation among them, family members, fraternize groups’ members and their immediate family members as personal enterprise, while the masses seat and watch them in acute helplessness.

Once again, the only thing the masses do is to sit down gnash, wail, cry and motionlessly watch our nation roast in tyrannical inferno. The only thing Nigerian masses are capable of doing is to make flimsy excuses and complaints to justify self in excruciating pain.

Nigeria is one nation among few nations of the world where mental feeble have occupied all high places of decision making, which is why the pride of our nation is hurled into jeopardized leadership inferno. In accordance with psychoanalysis, a nation under the snare of mental bankruptcy will remain in perpetual fantasy, trying to master and fix erroneous schemes that turn around to manipulate the thinking form of the whole nation, rather than improve the condition of the country.

Consequent upon high mental bankruptcy in the country among the masses, our youths are manipulated and used by saboteurs against the growth of our nation. This is another serious reason why Nigeria is hurled into this tragic leadership affair till date. The identity of bankrupt leadership in a country is the experience of disharmony amongst a people, the absent of peace, unity and growth of a people.

Further study into the subject of leadership by ‘our research team’ shows that any nation under the siege of mental bankrupt leadership must sink into mental slavery. This interprets the exact condition of our systems and structures. Note! Mental bankrupt leadership is the main factor responsible for the inability of our citizens to become curious and proactive to secure the future of our motherland from continuous decay.

It is imperative to note that this is what denied our citizens access to discover where we are coming from and where we are to detect the pace of where we are going. There are lots of elementary issues we ought to know about factors that held our nation captive to casket cage hopelessness, this while. ‘Those who cannot visualize the future will remain in the past’. Mental bankruptcy is a serious enemy of technocratic leadership we must be ready to wrestle out of Nigeria to grow.

Mental bankrupt leadership is a terrible pothole that kept Nigeria in this pitiable condition of mental slavery. Hitherto, unless the jinx of mental bankrupt leadership is broken asunder the possibility of coming out of the siege of underdevelopment in our nation will remain handicapped permanently.

To plot the roadmap of effective leadership network and modalities, we must understand that whatever happened to the mental state of our youths formed the basis of what determine the development of our Nigeria. Furthermore, as a nation we must invest enough resources, time and energy in the mental development of our youths to gain total leadership freedom.

After intense study on the cost of nations building, ‘our research team’ realized that the strength of nations building rest fully on the shoulders of our youths. In which case, whatever defines the mental state of our youths reciprocate in proportion to what we reaped as attraction in Nigeria.

Above all, the quality of the mentality of our youths is defined by the kind of service they willingly and ease freely render to our nation. This reflects in the quality of development found in our nation and same is applicable in all nations the world.

With this quality of understanding on our minds, there is need to restructure our misappropriated, misinformed and misinterpreted historic values to conform to the dynamics of natural growth. This form of reconstruction will reflect in the way we think toward ourselves, the security of the nation and the preservation of the future for our unborn generations.

The signals from our current historic values point strongly to the fact that our youths have been widely disconnected from our origin. Therefore, there is urgent need to impact our youths with scientific knowledge and with dynamic ideas that conform with this generation. Finally, we must be willing to birth a new Nigeria and to secure universal attractive future.

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