Regardless of all odds, we must be prepared to impregnate our thought force with superior logic to rejuvenate our thinking form and move our ideological motions onward. To impregnate our thought with creative ideologies is the only force capable of compelling our minds to secrete the needful curiosity to break the plastic mold that conditions our thinking within the box.

Until the plastic mold within [in the inside of us] is broken, the possibility of thinking out of the box will remain handicapped permanently. Accurate thought alignment with creative thinking energizes the mind to acquire the intelligence to pursue calculated dialogue that facilitates Mental Revolution beyond boiling point. According to recent report from CNN regards Dubai Emirate, it is obvious that Dubai Emirate is the leading Emirate of the UAE today.

After a unique analysis of our national greed, laziness and wickedness it was revealed that our rottenness stinks to high heaven. Pathetically, we celebrate those who pull down our national glory to enmesh ungodly riches to themselves in the whim of promoting ethnic affiliation and religious fraternity etc. Further research on this subject indicates that the only escape route from our national lacuna is to engage in absolute rewiring of the mind of our citizens with superior logic.

Henceforth, the only road-map to rejuvenate our perceived collapse national value system and achieve our desired national freedom is by constructing a solid national scientific structure. The moment the mind is empowered with creative ideas to think independently; then, the possibility of taking sovereign decision comes alive.

The effect from usurping the capacity to take sovereign decision is felt in the way we think, the kind of actions we take, how we relate with the people around us and the degree of attraction we bring to our society. These are part of the values that determine whether or not we stagger toward the possession of optimal height to attract universal attention. Whatever a person or nation becomes is wholly the result from the labour of our hands. God has brought all things without exception under our control.

The ability to identify the various elements that control independent mentality and make proper use of it in interdependence is what determined the quality of nation we produce. Besides, this is the creative force that determines the quality of influence we attract both here and at the world scene. Not to mince words, research shows that we import everything without shamefaced and without attempt to produce ours for export too.

Scornfully, we import everything even to barbaric culture from foreign lands which in turn is vastly responsible for the hewing down of our glorious national heritage. To a large extent, this factor is typically accountable for our universal stigma or humiliation (treating Nigerians in Diaspora as parasites, unwanted-dogs or lepers etc.).

The unexposed to the gross abuse of leadership in Nigeria [kleptomaniac leadership] often think that our national problem is limited to the leading class alone; but, would be surprised to discover that our problem is embedded in the system [the mind] and everybody is involved. So for great change to come to Nigeria, it must start from the civilization of our minds by correcting our wrong historic systems/archaeology.

Thus, we are poised to rejuvenate the thinking form of Nigerian Youths through intensive scientific training and equipping of our minds to turn Nigeria into the most powerful and attractive multi-cultural nation on earth. We are a multi-socio-secular organization with the sole vision of championing ‘Ideological Struggle’ to free Nigeria from internal and external imperialism. We insulate the thinking form of our youths with creative ideologies to birth a new Nigeria.

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