We must be prepared to adventure, to understand and to apply the strategies necessary to destroy our unproductive national history. It is at this point we could boldly repair and re-position our battered national image on strategic commands to provoke universal royalty. Decisively, Nigerian youths must be prepared to import great change down from imaginary world.

Apparently, Nigerians must be ready to acquire the needful technicalities to dismiss whatever spews undesirable sympathetic urge on our mentality to cleave fervently to empathetic mentality. By implication, we must be prepared to adopt empathy as our national culture to set our minds on creative strategies to birth a universal eye-catching new Nigeria we aspire to live in.

Most importantly, the mentality of our youths who of course constitutes the labour force of the nation must be thoroughly nurtured into acquiring the ability to see, accept and endorse the factual fact that Nigeria has the potentials necessary to conquer the world without tears. However, we must understand that no matter how blessed a nation may seem without manpower, it will sink into global slavery.

Prominently, we must understand that greatness is in our fatherland and it runs in our veins; but, it cannot manifest without activating it. Thus, it should be known that greatness is not attained in the wind rather by the quality of service we render to humankind. This was the instrument upon which Dubai Emirate launched its spacecraft with an Innovative Signature of her teenage girl on it.

According to current global scientific report, Dubai Emirate is at the verge of launching its first Mars Exploration Spacecraft in the year 2020. Remarkably, according to world record Dubai Emirate has the highest number of Foreign Research Scientists and Ice Experts on earth today. Honestly, the yet to be answered question is the subject of where Nigerian youths have been this while!

The most shocking prominent revelation is the fact that the entire development of Dubai Emirate is courtesy of her youths throughout all generations. Base on this revelation, we discovered that the most pitiable discovery is that our youths have made themselves the most confused, frustrated, helpless and stranded on earth, despite the unending natural resources in the land.

Imagine the high degree of natural resources in Nigeria and if we explored all  we have in Nigeria, it should be well enough to build the whole world in the next twenty centuries without threat of lack yet our nation languished in indescribable hopelessness. What oxymoron! Imagine, almost every citizen of Nigeria presses hard to travel abroad as pride of winning ticket to heaven.

Indeed, how are the mighty fallen! What a heart bleeding situation that our nation is hurled into a seemingly irreversible abyss. The right time has come for Nigerian youths to be prepared for the birth of a new nation, a new Nigeria where we shall live as one indivisible body. It is true that whoever refused to sweat during peaceful preparation shall bleed during war.

It is imperative for every citizen of Nigeria to spend quality time in research field to find out what happen to unprepared negotiators in the negotiating room. Track record shows that, this form of observatory research is one pattern of scientific fact finding no adventurer misses to gain express entrance into the manifestation of invincible glory.

According to scientific laws of nature, preparation is the ‘master-key’ to re-position the mind on strategic plane to achieve giant strides anywhere round the world. For instance, Dubai Emirate is recognized as a vast Islamic Cultural State that prioritizes science, technology and futurism. Preparation is a natural key to unravel the importance of prioritizing science, technology and futurism.

If such prioritization is the case with Dubai Emirate as Traditional Islamic State then, what is the difference between their Faithful from ours back here in Nigeria? While the Islamic Faithful of Dubai Emirate prioritizes research, invention and innovation that skyrockets her society; one would also ask, what happened to our Christian Faithful back here in Nigeria.

Regrettably, all our religious Faithful back here in Nigeria depend wholly on the various adventurous products from all scientific nations across the world to propagate our respective religious activities, social lives and cultural heritages. In accordance with the above exposition, it is obvious that religious differences, ethnic interests and historic archaeology are not our problem in Nigeria.

Otherwise, our national problem is hidden in gross absent of qualitative education in Nigeria. For our nation to move forward, we need absolute ‘Mental Revolution’ as the only viable road-map to subdue our national racket without bloodbath experience. The overall activities surrounding our socio-cultural logic, mental orientation and our value systems is worrisome because is anti-societal development.

To be continued.

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