From immemorial, the youths are recognized as the pace setters, pillars and labour force of the society. Henceforth, whatever happened to their thinking form determine the shape of the society. Anywhere there is yearning for clarion call, it is a strong signal that such society had activate the mental resilience to command great change.

In other words, any outcry in a society is a strong signal pointing to the fact that the people have become sensitive to the danger or threat to their survival in the land. This commenced the moment the people begin to observe that the environment they live in exposes them to unbearable pressure. The current state of Nigeria showcases us as a sick indigenous people and a people under survival pressure.

After a comprehensive analysis between Nigeria and Emirate of Dubai by ‘our research team’, we realized that Dubai Emirate has so many disruptive and record breaking technological strides while we lick our cancerous wounds in disarray. Thus, we must understand that the resultant impact from prolonged pressure drag casualties into untold depression.

Further study into depression shows that it lead victims into endless suicidal mission, if not wisely handled. Seemingly, any society that is trapped in prolong depression is a sign of lack of creative minds in the land to ward-off its tragedy. Depression has special way of leading casualties into lost of hope and internal war among its members like the case of Nigeria today.

A feasibility study on the systematic process that led to the sporadic development of Dubai Emirate shows that the Emirate of Dubai is alive to the laws of growth. Although not a country but an Emirate out of seven Emirates that constitute UAE yet so vastly evolving. Let’s take thorough comparison between Nigeria and Dubai Emirate to experience the wide difference.

Dubai Emirate gained independence from her colonial master [Britain] in 1971 while Nigeria became independent nation in 1960 from the same colonial master. Dubai Emirate is desert turned into heaven on earth while Nigeria is green forest that turned colourless. Dubai Emirate is busy turning every wrong structure Britain left behind while Nigerians are busy blaming Britain over everything that had happened to us.

For Nigeria to manifest its creation glory, our generation must rise to the occasion of counteracting and destroying the stronghold of blames, complaints and excuses. This is when we can overpower the economic, political, cultural, educational and industrial debacle in Nigeria. The first step to observe to overrun our national calamitous state of affairs is to promote nationality above ethnic interest.

We must cultivate irresistible national passion to join hands together as one entity to build a strong, formidable and indivisible empire of a new Nigeria where equity and justice will reign, despite class value, ethnic background and religious difference. To grow our nation, we must be willing to embark on the painstaking process to birth a new generation that would eradicate our national ridicule from universal scene.

Similarly, to achieve awesome result we must be courageous to shun whatever promotes the urge for flimsy excuses, complaints, blame games and casting of aspersions at something else while the boisterous storm robust, to take responsibility and resolve our problem despite obstacles. In totality, Nigerian youths must generate the ability to question everything to birth a new Nigeria.

To be continued.

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