Exploring The Indomitable Power In Synergy As Instrumental To Birth The Face of A New Nigeria


We are at top gear to explore and convert our natural resources into universal economy attraction. We are in the peak of preparation to set the minds of our generation on audit operation to develop the curiosity to explore our natural resources. We are setting the pace of new era on conscious science to punctuate self-identity and originality; to think independently and synergize in interdependence. This strategy has the capacity to reposition our minds on high thought pyramids to birth a new Nigeria with irresistible global attraction. Thus, it is imperative to prepare our minds for great adventure. We must allow this understanding sink deep into our subconscious minds that nations’ building does not entail one man-riot but the collective responsibility of all citizens that constitute the nation. Every nation round the world is built by individual contribution over the collective contribution of the citizens that constitute the nation.

The individual contribution over the collective contribution of the citizens that constitute the nation determined the quality of systems and structures that made up every nation round the world. This is a universal policy and law that regulates the pride of all nations and all generations round the world and throughout all generations without exceptional. Henceforth, the power of synergy is recognized as the foremost mental policy and law to build a formidable and sustainable nation anywhere in the world. Apparently, any nation void of synergetic relationship among her citizens will sink into untold human disaster because such nation shall be overwhelmed to severe hatred for one another and sectionalism shall hijack the pride of her nation. Under the atmosphere of hatred in a nation, the people shall readily use their own hands to destroy and destabilize the economy growth of her nation; this is the actual dilemma Nigeria is undergoing today.

Attention! National synergy is not a choice for ‘nations building’ but a must to construct the pride of a new strong, formidable and sustainable nation. So, if we must build a kind of Nigeria that will attract the attention of the whole world to us, then we must be ready to synergize as one entity. Apparently, in the absent of synergy no nation shall gain access into exploration of economy greatness. The law of synergy operates with conscious mental forces that dragged natural science to the close to creative minds in form of strong human network. National synergy has special way of collating several circles of ideologies into one formidable curl through wide range mobilization of massive masses intellectual movement. Meanwhile, to actualize the nobility of national course that would lead endless generations into effective construction and sustainable economy systems and structures there must be national creative synergy.

Acquisition of mental synergy to build effective economy empire comes by conscious acquisition of scientific education. Interestingly, acquisition of scientific education is a mental force acquired from intense engagement in ‘mental revolution’. Psychoanalysis shows that ‘mental revolution’ is a natural need on instinctual visionaries to empower followers with sound mind to engage reformative adventure. The law of mental revolution states that ‘visionaries must usurp the capacity to sharpen the mental lens [content and context] of followers to see, know and accept vision details from the point of selfless to humanity. This pattern of impartation is known as ‘mental influence’ and it is a natural demand [not choice] on visionaries to revolutionize the mind of followers in conformity with their vision lines. True visionaries do not stop orientating followers till they acquire the vision mind of the visionary. Despite all odds, it took us real time to align with this vision line as delivered by God.

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