To correct a wrong national history through mental revolution requires lot of thoughtful activities to master the needful psychological codes to ward-off obsolete belief systems [philosophies] that maim the mind from being receptive to progressive ideologies. Mental revolution is a strong thought force that exposes the mind to open field battle against filthy ideas that castrate the mind from the possession of productive belief systems.

The Firefox from ‘mental revolution’ operates with vast field of intense psychological logics that dispossesses the mind from the ales of mental slavery. Above all, ‘mental revolution’ is the only vital thought machinery to create countless escape routes in all false historic dark tunnels, especially in the kind of dark tunnels that rob our noble nation access from manifesting her creation glory on planet earth.

In accordance with feasibility study from ‘our research team’, we identified serious negative clauses in the mental configuration of our national history as played on the mind of our citizens. It was at this point we realized that the gross weakness in the mental fabric of our citizens is the instrument upon which Nigeria is led into unholy experience of massive corruption.

This is the mental virus that spread itself through illicit presentation of our falsehood national history. This was the cause of mental weakness that infected the mind of our citizens with multiple thought diseases through induction of resentful ethnic indoctrinations against other sections of the country.

The display of gruesome wickedness by those in the helm of affairs of our nation throughout all generations is possible because of the unholy ethnic foundation laid by the founding fathers of Nigeria. The founding fathers of Nigeria introduced our fatherland to internal imperialism as heritage for thousands of millions of their programed succeeding generations to enslave fellow Nigerians perpetually.

By this findings ‘our research team’ realized that if nothing logical and aggressive is done fast to ward-off the plague of ethnic crisis in Nigeria, the possibility of remaining everlasting captives to the spellbound of polluted national history is inevitable. However, the possibility of closing the gap of all the years and decades of vast field of mental damage inflicted on our fatherland could be achieved, if we are ready to conquer ourselves by destroying unproductive belief systems.

Once again, the high degree of mental damage wrong history inflicted on our nation is enormous for our people to bear, especially for dashing our desire to grow as a nation. According to investigation by ‘our research team’, wrong national history is a severe cankerworm that spreads like whirl-fire on the mind of casualty nations and it continues nonstop until it become issue onto the people to bear.

At this point the thinking form of the people becomes receptive to acquire the mental energy necessary to counteract and destroy the venoms of ethnic resentment among them to fight the course of actualization of a common goal as one people. Our wrong national history is one of the major factors responsible for the outrageous promotion of illogical tribalism among our people across the strength of Nigeria.

It is this inimical mentality that kills the feeling of love among us for fellow Nigerians outside our sections, it harden our hearts from shifting grounds to accommodate others, to promote peace and unity for the purpose of national growth. Going by this quality of revelation, unless the masses rise up in one accord to engage in aggressive intellectual campaign to delete all elements responsible for our wrong national history, the possibility of growing our nation into universal attraction would remain eternal nightmare.

Consequent upon our wrong national history, every citizens of Nigeria tilts consciously toward implementation of sectionalism in selfness with no one showing interest for national values. Under the auspices of wrong national history, the possibility of a casualty nation coming out of mediocrity mentality turns the greatest ferry-tale on earth.

However, it should be noted that any nation overwhelmed with mediocrity mentality will drift concurrently to the manifestation of complacence, just like the situation Nigeria is undergoing today. The implication of complacence mentality is that ‘a mind under the influence of mediocrity colony cannot usurp authority over fantasy’ to implement idealized ideologies.

Unfortunately as a nation, we are trapped in a cross road of mediocrity mentality right now with no one able to detect exit point from our dark tunnel. Hitherto, the thinking form of all casualty nations and generations of mediocrity mentality have special way of twisting objects of focus from reality and turn it into illusion.

Mediocrity mentality is the cause that gave rise to illusory presentation of ethnic crisis as a laudable course worth to die for by unexposed minds. Mediocrity mentality is the mainstay of our national dilemma and a course no citizen of Nigeria knows where to start to proffer cogent way out of our ongoing cricketing dungeon.

The resultant impact from mediocrity mentality is grievous to bear by any generation and nation because it frustrates all aspirations unlimitedly. In accordance with feasibility study, this is the utmost reason why Nigeria is overshadowed with incessant outcry of untold wastage of precious human lives and valuable properties daily to shameful ethnic crisis.

Painful to take think of is the fact that no citizen of Nigeria is doing anything specific or special to develop the mental ability necessary to design a way out of the despicable pothole of ethnic crisis in Nigeria. Thus, no one can predict when the siege of ethnic crisis will come to end in Nigeria and the way forward from ethnic crisis.

For purprose of empathy, ‘our research team’ seized this great occasion today to call on all Nigerians [home and away] to come together as one people and nation to foster a cogent way forward from the shameful activities of ethnic crisis in Nigeria. We need to synergize as one people to ward-off the plague of ethnic crisis in Nigeria and we need accurate knowledge of how to weigh full scale war against ethnic crisis in the land to win.

Again, we need to understand that no practitioner of ethnic crisis anywhere round the world had ever made gain from it in the past and can never make profit from it now. Most importantly, we need to understand that the wise do not roll war drums but peace, owing to the fact that no matter how expensive peace may seem it is a million times cheaper than cost of war.

Otherwise, only fools go for war rather than peace to turn around and negotiate for peace after they have lost so much to war. War takes everything and beyond the degree to which our minds anticipate for. Therefore ethnic crisis must die! It should note that no wise minded person bargains for war because no one eats war and it has never profited practitioners at anyone.

It does not matter how advantageous one may seemed to be, war has nothing good to hold onto throughout all generations. Regardless of all odds, we implore all patriotic Nigerians both within the country and outside to consciously allow our minds be consumed with creative thinking to understand the pains and sorrows of ethnic crisis.

This will assist our thinking form to usurp the audacity necessary to destroy all elements of wrong national history in the land that brought our national pride into destruction. This will form a natural plane of thinking force to delete all jots of ethnic toxin that hoovers around our minds as a people and create the liberty within to set the pace for a new history in Nigeria.

We must learn to avoid dismissing assertions against our wrong national history with a cheap wave of backhand that suggests sycophancy. Rather, we should be prominent in challenging our thinking form with core curiosity to spur the mind into confronting reality than shy away from our fears. This is how we can acquire effective logic to engage in intensive mental revolution and delete the toxin of ethnic crisis on the mind of Nigerians through the conscious correction of our national history.

We should be ready to engage in intensive research and core mental development to unravel the mystery behind our national catastrophe history. Henceforth, we must be prepared to take responsibility over our wrong national history to proffer resounding solution capable of quelling the cause of incessant ethnic crisis in Nigeria.

Importantly, we must develop the ability to learn under the atmosphere of patience and to master the keys that control lasting solution, not palliative. Furthermore, we must be ready to offer the sacrifice of gaining expressway entrance into the psychometric theatre to analyze all details regard the kind of history that held our nation captive to long years and decades of public dance of shame in untold ethnic crisis.

For purpose of emphasis, as a people we must ensure that all assertions [local and international] over the uproar in our ethnic relationship among all tiers that constitute Nigeria be given serious and urgent attention to avoid further decay. We must be ready to create enabling ground to find lasting solution to the wrong ethnic indoctrination impacted on the mind of our people which cause is viably responsible for our national disharmony.

A careful approach to the destruction of the venoms of ethnic indoctrination on the mind of our citizens will create enabling ground to sterilize the awkward mentality of the people manifest idealized attitude. Mental revolution is the master key that generates the energy necessary to build divine affinity and indivisible unity among all tiers that constitute all human societies round the world to promote harmony.

The degree of psychological treatment given to a people within a definite territory is the force that determined the quality of vitality secreted by the people to birth idealized world. This is what determine the quality of mental energy that dominates the thinking form of a people within a set territory to kill or reserve the seeds of discord sown on the mind the people minds.

Every form of revolutionary treatment has the capacity to usurp willpower over the urge of ethnic crisis on the mind of a people. Furthermore, according to all dimensions of psychoanalysis engaged by ‘our research team’ regard the fundamental causes of our wrong national history, we realized that for any revolutionary umpire to quell the burning darts of ethnic crisis in Nigeria; such person or persons must be nonpartisan.

After thorough investigation on the remote causes of ethnic crisis in Nigeria by both ‘local and international observers’, we discovered that the mainstay of ethnic crisis in Nigeria lies on the gross negligence of the mental development of our youths. An attempt to evaluate the cost of redeeming the thought of our youths from demean mentality exposed ‘our research team’ to the realization that, the detail of the mental character of our youths’ needs urgent engagement in creative thinking.

The thinking form of our youths must be engaged in real tug-of-war and urgently if we must regain our national liberty without landing grounds. A thorough feasibility study on our wrong national history shows that it would take serious minded intellectuals with vigorous effort to rescue the demean mentality of our youths from polluted ethnic indoctrination. Indoctrination of any form has the capacity to configure the mind to function in programmed thought values.