Constructing The Voice Of A New Generation Of Nigerian Masses

According to widespread feasibility study on the requirement to construct the voice of a new generation of Nigerian masses that will salvage the capsizing state of affairs of our noble fatherland by ‘our research team’, we realized that it is imperative to consider the needfulness of raising a new generation of intellectual gladiators with patriotic mentality.


In other words, to achieve optimal height of glory the masses must be ready to embark on aggressive intellectual campaign for ‘human capacity building and human capital development’. According to ‘our research team’, there are enough psychological experts on ground to construct the needed mental molds to cast ‘the voice a new generation of Nigerian masses’.


These are a new generation of Nigerian masses who will become prominent in building the kind of nation we deserve to live in as one most populous black people on earth to rule the world without tears. Furthermore, according to ‘our research team’ these psychological experts possesed the needed techniques to weave the thinking form of our youths into active conscience.


However, in attempt to assess the strategic plans of these psychological experts on ground we discovered that they have the capacity to provide viable equity plane for all Nigerian citizens to operate freely, irrespective of the sections we hailed. This technique is also ideal in waking dull minds anywhere round the world from ‘mental slavery’ to worthwhile active mentality.


In same vein, ‘our research team’ took time to conduct series of proven experiments on the benefits of building ‘the voice of the masses’. We have also made abundant provision for the supply of mental materials necessary to build ‘the voice of the masses’ without gagging. The above techniques have the capacity to generate the mental energy to wake dormant minds from awful hopelessness to hopefulness.


This juncture in thought construction is usually surrounded with ‘imaginary vibrating elements’ that are prominent in waking dull minds from fantasy to face reality of life without leaving any stone unteurned. It is at this realm of thought construction the mind is energized with the needed mental properties to function under glaring influence of classified information.


Therefore, under this realm of thought construction we must be ready to reposition our thinking forms from doubt to strategic planes where the mind is exposed to reap enormous ability to configure natural values into tangible products. Strategically, everything surrounding thought construction must be alignment with the divine pattern as enshrined from creation.


This is the plane that provides clear imaginary pictorials to usurp the needed intelligence to build sound human relation among all tiers that constitute a given society. With this premium quality of understanding, we could be sure of initiating a viable course that would lead the human races into wholesome actualization of the essence for which human were created.


The overall detail governing the above modus-operandi regard the construction of human relation round the world and throughout all generations is considered as one of the highest methods in rebranding the mind to embrace natural values. This is the course that gradually leads to the repositioning of the mind on core values, the fear of God and the respect for human lives as precious gift to the world.


At this point, the mind usurps the consciousness to absorb the needed intellectual ability to delve into negotiation with dynamic and progressive thinking forms. It sees the demand for human relation as inevitable to harmonize the world and fulfill the exact essence for which humans were created to dominate the universe.


Interestingly, all enhanced human relation possesses the capacity to create the needed mental energy to obey natural laws that governed synergy without unnecessary struggling. The demand to obey natural laws that governed synergy is a necessity to development, not a choice. Natural laws are controlled by universal principles as medium to put the mind on ‘right frame’.


It is a mind on right frame that strategizes and explores the blessedness of God to improve the living condition of a people within a definite territory. Universal laws are expressed as revelatory powers that expose thought to the existence of the only Supreme Being [The Almighty God]. Exposing thought to the existence of the only Supreme Being represses His sovereignty over the mind.


Furthermore, universal laws are viable thought properties that introduce human mind to the fear of God and also enable humans to harmonize human relation as mean to serve God. Conscious establishment of this quality of relationship [agape] among humans is a viable thought instrument that introduces man to the power of relational harmony.


This quality of relational consciousness among human societies is what leads a people within a definite territory into fulfilling the master plan of God for humankind on earth. According to psychoanalysis on the law of nature by ‘our research team’, we discovered that for any human society to develop the mind of the people must be dominated with the fear of God as core value.


It is under this plane of thought virtues all developed societies round world plunged efficient construction of attractive human relation. In alignment with proven psychology, any thought that is overwhelmed with the fear of God acquires the ability to recognize or identify ‘the source of all creative intelligence’.


There is no developed society round the world without effective human relation and the virtues of human relation is what all underdeveloped societies round the world points to unconsciously [not recognizing the elements] to build and develop their territories. The recognition and application of human relation in all developed societies is what enabled them to build ‘a common voice’.


For Nigeria to overrun the incessant experience of gross pains tears and sorrows brought to us to bear by the cabals; it is imperative to build ‘the voice of the masses’. The destruction of the voice of the masses is one major instrument upon which the cabals’ successfully executed their nefarious activities against the development of our nation and remands Nigeria in inglorious pothole.


With the destruction of the voice of Nigeria masses, the cabals divided the masses against the masses ‘at the peril of the masses’ and at their own advantage to monopolize the system without resistance. In this realm of conscious thought evaluation the masses stand the chance of rebuilding our wasted grounds with divine love by undoing ‘sectionalism’ via ‘tribal hatred’.


At this juncture, all Nigerian masses must come to the point of recognizing the singular reason why we should lay down our lives as sacrificial lambs on the altar of birthing a new Nigeria. This is when we could be courageous and determined to construct the face of a new generation of Nigerian masses that will be prominent in toppling universal beauty without turning back.


Alignment with divine love has the ability to prompt the thinking force of the masses round the country to synergize as one people to fulfill ‘the common purpose’ of birthing a new Nigeria. Under the atmosphere of synergy, the people develop the ability to create big thoughts and to generate effective manpower to negotiate the way forward.


This is when we could generate the needed intelligence to harness priceless strategies for the manifestation of efficient nation. In which case, every display of divine love among a people within a definite domain has the natural properties to gear the people into effective construction of ‘the voice of the masses’.


Regardless of all odds, every realm of natural laws initiates the expression of divine harmony within a definite domain. Under the watch of a terrain saturated with natural laws, nothing attempts to resist divine harmony as regard human relation to develop a decaying society. Furthermore, natural laws are creative agencies that connect thought to the source of power for recreation/replacement of worn-off bonds among a people.


Meanwhile, laws are natural agencies that regulate the source of all invents and innovates to harness fresh bonds among a people who have lost the true sense of human relation. According to psychoanalysis, laws are static by nature and energetic in igniting fresh fire of affinity among a people who have lost relational consciousness and trust over one another.


The moment natural laws are ignited, they generate the consciousness and needed energy on the mind that puts pressure on human thought through persistent calls to deep think toward reuniting broken bonds among a people who have lost relational values. It reconciles thinking with trust by repressing the benefit of relationship on thoughts.


The laws of human relation expose the mind to the realm of harmony, peace and tranquility whose resultant impact illuminates our interior. This quality of illumination on human thought is what in turn produced sound mind. Therefore, the depth of relational values that dominate the individual mind is what determines the kind of values we give to others as ‘love or hatred’.


Nevertheless, if the kind of love we give to others is divine then the possibility of building ‘the common voice of the masses’ to ignite development in a definite society cannot be averted. Under all influences of cordial human relation, the possibility of birthing big thought is always available and glaring for development because of the reign of synergy.


On the plane of relational synergy, the mind is strategically positioned to open up to vast fields of empathy and lock-up to crave for sympathy permanently. On this plane of synergetic thought coordination with divine love in a society, the mind receives the mental strength to identify its intrinsic for selflessness to move the society from all sides.


It is at this point the mind become empowered with confidence and courage to create conducive atmosphere for harmonious relationship to reign down like fallen dew from heaven. Relationship creates life-wire condition that clothes the mind with vast expanse of liberty to build trust. Then, the mind returns home because of the maximum security it enjoys.


Where harmonious human relation exists the mind becomes gloriously equipped with selfless tools to plunge into exalted adventure. The passion from selflessness is one subject that lead minds into unraveling the reasons behind disharmony within a definite domain of interest with unspeakable joy. Joy is a course that leads passionate minds into adventure to set a people free from pain.


Taking stock of the above analysis regard human relation, we realized that the willpower to reposition the value systems of ‘Third World Nations’ to overrun ‘First World Nations’ is possible but lie in our hands. All we need to execute this task is to ensure that our minds cleave with the love of God then, we could access relational affinity to forgive offenses, despite the magnitude.


Forgiveness is an utmost virtue to connect the mind with the norms of nation building because the law of nation building abhor isolation but embraced relationship. Another reason of the need for forgiveness is to execute the task of nations’ building because there is human society anywhere round the world void of offense among one another.


As an organization, we cloth our minds with core patriotism to enable us forgive those who offend or might offend us. We acknowledged the fact that this is one of the most viable roadmaps to build a nation, promote harmony, peace and tranquility among the people.


One of the assets to develop forgiving spirit is to become futuristic minded, to develop the passion to protect the future of our unborn generations and to learn the virtues of placing God first on our minds, knowing the exact consequences. As an organization, we are unwilling to stop at nothing less than taking Nigeria to universal mountain top.


We are in full scale negotiation with the law of thought revolution to connect our mind with the will of God. Our organization is determined to carry every citizen of our noble fatherland [small or big, old or young and rich or poor] along side-by-side. We are fully committed to ‘the mobilization of massive masses intellectual movement’ to unite Nigeria into one strong, formidable and indivisible empire.


We are designing the thought frame of our generation and beyond to destroy the seed of ethnic discord sown on our minds by the founding fathers, to eliminate despicable tribal wars in Nigeria and to unite the whole nation into one invincible entity. Notwithstanding, we are at the vanguard of ensuring that every citizen of Nigeria is equipped with the mental capacity to discover our originality.


Having achieved the result of discovering our originality then, we can understand the depth of damage ethnic crisis brought upon us as a people or nation to bear this while. In consideration of the wastage lack of human relation inflicted on our nation, we understood that the most viable way forward is to conduct ‘ideological revolution’ across the nation.


In this plight, we took time to construct ‘ideological systems and structures’ that are geared toward enlightening, exposing and empowering the reasoning poet of our people with the capacity to reform our nationwide belief systems. These are ideological policies that influence the mind to think, trust and act upon known philosophies without leaving any stone unturned.


The psychology of human relation shows that every belief system has special way of influencing the thinking form of a people into relentless crave to endorse whatever has been confirm as value within her domain. Importantly, to execute thought reforms on a person or persons believed to belong to adverse belief system require application of ‘core mental revolution’.


Apparently, mental revolution is recognized as the utmost thought energy to free humankind from internal and external imperialism. Therefore, the inability of our citizens to understand the actual benefit of human relation is the awkward energy-base oozed incessant ethnic crisis in Nigeria. To understand the benefit of human relation is the main key to ‘build the voice of the masses’.


It is in building the voice of the masses we can coordinate effective human relation among all tiers that constitute this great nation without tears. Research shows that, this is one of the utmost problems in Nigeria and a seldom cause no one is able to detect the source, let alone the way forward or backward from the debacle.


Of course, according to universe research lack of human relation is one of the major problems that impede effective construction of the voice of the masses anywhere the world and throughout all generations. Nonetheless, until the cause of human relation is effectively coordinated in a society the possibility of such society rising to the peak of glory will remain handicapped permanently.


Furthermore, lack of skillful management of human relation in a domain is the resultant impact casualty societies reap as ethnic crisis from one generation to another. And, the cause will continue like that nonstop till the curse is broken. In same vein, to build effective human relation in Nigeria we must develop the capacity to see ethnic differences as strength rather than problem.


To achieve this, we must discover the importance of differences in a human society and develop the capacity to convert it into strength to manifest our creation assignment. To gain grounds, we must avoid being distracted by self-imposed insecurity or unguided envy. Our focus must be on building synergy, becoming global might and fighting for the manifestation of national glory.

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