The Target Of Traitors Is To Destroy Our Nation – Part 2

Investigation into the reason why the target of traitors in Nigeria is to destroy our nation by ‘our research team’ shows that, it is a universal phenomenon. Universal report also revealed that, destruction is the trade-mark of traitors anywhere round the world. Additionally, the basic aim of traitors is to take absolute possession of a


The Sore Of Our Nation

In accordance with feasibility study on ‘the sore of our nation’ by ‘our research team, we realized that the massive masses non-learning culture in Nigeria is the mainstay of our catastrophe. After investigation into the conceptual precept and background of our mentality in ‘psychometric theatre’, we understood that Nigeria is trapped in ‘mental bankruptcy’ via


Constructing The Voice Of A New Generation Of Nigerian Masses

According to widespread feasibility study on the requirement to construct the voice of a new generation of Nigerian masses that will salvage the capsizing state of affairs of our noble fatherland by ‘our research team’, we realized that it is imperative to consider the needfulness of raising a new generation of intellectual gladiators with patriotic