Society For Advancement of Humanity was borne out of divine revelation to salvage our noble fatherland from its catastrophic state of affairs. We are a consortium of patriotic professionals spread across vast field of disciplines with the optimistic passion to birth a new brand, powerful and attractive Nigeria that would dominate the whole universe.

We are a young generation of Nigerians poised with the flawless hope to conduct total mental revolutionary campaign in our fatherland that would birth a new era of creative thinkers and a new united Nigeria in mentality to manifest the true meaning of our creation purpose as number one nation at the world committee of nations to rule the world without tears.

We are a team of ‘scientific researchers’ who have come together under the common purpose of birthing a new Nigeria. We have traveled through the nooks and crannies of Nigeria; and, have practically lived in almost all the hamlets, villages, towns, cities and metropolises that constitute this great nation within the space of 19-20 years.

We embarked upon this expeditionary exercise with the intent of conducting ‘painstaking research, psychoanalysis and series of scientific experiments’ on the problem of Nigeria to kill excuses and proffer solution. From this investigation we birthed viable mental tools to foster electrifying steps toward the solution to our problem as a nation. Regardless all odds, we are ready to battle our problems as a nation from existence once and for all.

At this juncture, we made bold to announce to the whole world far beyond the shorelines and borderlines of Nigeria that we have invented the solution to our problem as a nation. Henceforth, as a revolutionary team we do not discard or condemn hoodlums, nonentities, frailties or our mental feeble citizens because we understood that every human being created of God was for a unique and glorious purpose.

And, that what makes a man useful or useless lie within his intrinsic ability to think logically and punctuate self-identity or originality to birth creative ideas capable of weaving the kind of world he desire and deserve to live in.

Again, we understood that the greatest human being that ever lived is one who could confidently step into the camp of vagabonds and convert them into great intellectual machines and use them to stop what stopped their fathers.

This is the exact position we stand for as a team to use ‘mental revolution’ to recast the face of a new Nigeria that would rule the world. We are poised to impact our generation with scientific mentality that would turn around Nigeria and the entire world into harmonious global village for the comfort-ability of humankind throughout all eras.

Consequently, we have assumed the responsibility of converting the mentality of our citizens from complacence to scientific. We are on topmost gear, preparing the mental state of a new generation of Nigerians that would stop what stopped our predecessors from taking our gracious motherland to the universal mountain top.

We believe totally in the fear of God to impact minds with technocratic mentality as the only roadmap to build patriotic passion on our citizenry. We build minds to engage the science and art of independent and interdependent thinking.



Psychological Teachings